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Open Hand, Open Mind

Trained by a Master of the Way of the Open Hand, Pthalo uses his skills with fist and elbow to strike against those who seek him harm. The world is changing though, and Pthalo must decide where to place his loyalties.

Physical Description

Character Stats

Roguish Monk Lvl 6/2 Age: 26 Height: 6ft Weight: 168 lbs Eyes: brown Skin: tawny hair: black


Pthalo's bond is his sense of gratitude to his former master who inducted him into the Way of The Open Hand. He credits monastic life with having given him a sense of purpose and focus. Pained though he was when his master was exiled from the order Pthalo strives to live by and come to understand his master's parting words to him. "Never trust what appears perfect. Never believe those that profess truth. And always find the hidden answer when none is given to you."


Pthalo is curious about the world. Life aboard a Reliquary operated by The Hand exposes one to many different lands and cultures. Yet the strict hierarchical nature of living in the monastic order offered few chances to really explore and get to know these strange foreign lands. Pthalo is especially curious to learn about the other monastic orders that operate in the world ship. His master taught him to have a healthy skepticism about the excesses and materialistic ways the Hand has operated in recent decades. Still, a monastic upbringing gave Pthalo all he has and he sees them as the path toward living the best life, and so he is eager to learn how other monks see their duty and place in the world.


Pthalo is still young, and he may have a tendency to see things as black and white, without much of the nuance needed for taking the world as it is, not how it "should be". These are lessons Master Yin tried to instill in him though his teachings perhaps weren't able to take root as their paths diverged. Still he trusts his former master implicitly and follows his teachings as close as he can to this day.

Magical Items

Cloak of Manta Ray

Ioun Stone of Awareness

Boots of Elven Kind

Cloak of Protection

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