Rhiann Sparkscale

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Rhiann Sparkscale is a Dragonborn Paladin and a member of the Spinsail Seven crew. Her clan is well known, amongst other dragonborn, to be the most athletic of the clans and hold an annual clan-wide athletic competition. Rhiann was especially good at the weight throwing competition. Because of her physical prowess, everyone in the clan was shocked when she announced her decision to leave home and start Acolyte school. She is best friends with Bumi Ataahua.

While on a mission to investigate the disappearance of Prince Jeoffry, Rhiann had an unfortunate accident that has left her without feet.

Basic Info

Dragonborn of Red Ancestry

Paladin - Oath of the Ancients

Former Acolyte of the Temple of Nus'tael

Homeland - Island of Perragris

Interests - spicy foods, feats of strength, Great Weapons

Faith - a devout follower of Nus’tael and frequently officiates religious ceremonies