Rowan Blakemoor

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Character Overview

  • Name: Rowan Blakemoor
  • Appearance:

Letters and Libations: Correspondence with a master.


Dankin Blakemoor was a grubber in the main city. He spent much of his time in junk piles and sewers trying to find anything of worth he could sell for his family’s next meal. He and his wife Martha struggled already, but things didn’t get better when they found that they were going to be parents. Rowan was born to this poor household.

For a decade, Dankin scavenged while Martha raised Rowan. His efforts were not enough, and the family debts grew. Dankin took his frustrations out on the family. His boy Rowan began to learn that out of sight was out of mind. Soon, thugs started showing to collect on their debts, but Dankin found a way to break even. Rowan was sold to a workhouse, wiping his father’s slate clean.

Conditions in the Brickhouse were grim and Rowan hated it. Gifted with soft feet, Rowan was able to often sneak out of the dorms. One night, he just never returned.

For some time, Rowan was able to keep himself fed, thanks to his quiet step and nimble hands, but barely. Eventually, he came to the attention of a small but peculiar guild of thieves, the Cloaked Sanctum. The guild made use of his skills, along with other street urchins, for small time street crimes. Rowan found himself once again oppressed.

Life sucked, so Rowan took to drinking, even at his relatively young age. In his circles, spirits were all too easy to come by. One member of the guild treated Rowan more human than the others. Known as the Dizzy Scythe, this mentor secretly showed the child some of the more advanced techniques of his order.

The Sanctum started using the urchins for broader schemes. While executing a high-value heist, Rowan was drunk. The job was to steal from a corrupt merchant, profiting on the hard work of local brickmakers. The heist went south, so Rowan made his escape by rooftop and passed over a crowd of the poor brickmakers. He stumbled. He dropped a chest. The contents spilled, dumping gold among the poor crowd.

They all looked up to see who their savior was. He knew he would be in trouble, but was inspired to see the poor below, knowing how much their new found wealth would help them. Rowan would forevermore be known as the "Hero of the Mudders" and will always be able to find shelter among commoners when he needs to hide, rest or recuperate.

The Dizzy Scythe betrayed the Sanctum to cover for Rowan’s escape. Both fled the district, and Dizzy continues to train Rowan from the streets.