Sarannis Valestrider, Herald of the Ascendant

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Character Overview

  • Name: Sarannis Valestrider
  • Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes, around 5 1/2 feet tall.


The High Inquisitor of the Church of the Ascendant - The Forgotten, Herald of the Ascendant. After the Destruction of Fendril City, the church moved its main focus further into Alizara. Landing in the City Rothnacum.

The Church of the Ascendant was founded on the principles of power over everything. Their scripture describes the being known only as The Ascendant, the one who has the power to create and destroy. They are everything and nothing.

Founded by those cast aside from the other forms of worship, they sought a new path. One that would embrace everyone for the greater good. Followers of the Ascendant are those that can survive on their own and think for themselves.