Shadow Master Vilgefortz

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High Elf

One of the regional Shadow Masters of The Shadow. From his ship Silence he gathers intelligence from field operatives and plans missions with the consent of The Shadow Lord. His mastery of the magic allows for remote surveillance and communications and his mobile base of operations mitigates the risk of remaining in one location for too long. He is often at work in his command cabin along side a simulacrum of himself.

The recent destruction of an island has gained the attention of The Shadow and now Vilgefortz seeks to discover the secrets of these towers that chain islands.

Traits: Often on the look out for new information, new spells, and always seeking new knowledge. Hyper vigilant in regards to his safety and secrecy.

Ideal: Knowledge is power

Bond: The Shadow and the captain that bought his first ship

Flaw: Long ago, I was once a fugitive from my homeland