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Si Spinsail is the stage name of Bloop Spinsail, the famous but mysterious Feymarked Bard. She is best known for leading negotiations with the Fey Court, on behalf of the Royal Adventurers, and securing mystical ships for every crew in the fleet. She is a member of Spinsail Seven.

Bloop is 144 years old and has spent the majority of her life in the Fey Court, only recently completing the Halfling Captain Ritutal. When she was 12 years old hundreds of sprites rose out of the water to hear her play a simple wooden flute. They left her a golden key that glows from within and, if lost, always appears on her person again. The Glowing Key is the most well-known symbol of Si Spinsail and often how she is recognized.

Her life has been filled with markings of the Fey, the most notable being: During her most famous performance, flowers fell from the sky, the sky turned deep lavender, and a magical silence that lasted for 3 days marked her performance of The Lost Whisper on the Island of Lae; and two perfect miniature trees resembling her parents were found in her bowl of soup on the day her parents passed away.

When she was 50 she left The Laughing Sail and her parent's mission of The Green Light to travel to The Fey Court. Extremely little is known about her time there, although when she left the court recently and joined The Spinsail Seven it was noted that she appeared to be much older than her 144 years; she now appears to be over 400 but is still active and alert. Since Si's return from the court, she's been a bard on several ships and will famously play anywhere for a nights sleep even if the people can't afford to pay her.

There are two famous rumors of her time amongst The Fey Court. The first involves a humorous tale of Si being turned into a living Lyre that The Fey delighted in playing for many decades. The other less humorous rumor is that she was killed hundreds or thousands of times until her playing finally pleased The Fey Court and she was allowed to leave. In any case, she is one of few people in written memory to spend more than a few years among the fey and her peculiar humor and mystical playing leave even those unfamiliar with her name in no doubt of her origins.

Basic Info


  • Betha Spinsail (mother, magically deceased). Also known as Gaol Uaine, Green Love, and Tree Mate. Well-known plant mage who famously brought back the plant city of Lífvera after the Orc Fire, and who sung herself into a tree when her mate passed. Founder of The Green Light. Homeship The Marigold.
  • Denthai Spinsail (father, deceased). Also known as Denthai Fathomsdeep, Tree Mate, Mara Dhubh, Dark Sea, and Black Brow. Known Light Cleric of Lathander who traveled with his Gaol Uaine on The Laughing Sail to bring new life. Founder of The Green Light.
  • Kismet Spinsail (nephew). Current crew member with Spinsail Seven.
  • Paestum “Patsy” Spinsail (sister).
  • Valentina Spinsail (Grandmother) Captain and Master Trader of the Trade Shop Marigold. Member of The Great Light.

Famous Songs:

  • The Rowan's Daughter
  • The Fall of Rorric
  • The Lost Whisper

Hobbies: Fixing things, swimming by moonlight, cooking, spending time in the Fey court.