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What Everyone Knows

Magic casters with the silver tongue. Sorcerers know how to say the right words, to glamour those around them and even seem like they know the right things to say to make magic happen. People around them aren’t sure how it happens, but their magnetism tends to cast that other sort of curiosity aside.

What Sorcerers Know

There are those who have to take the time to study magic, reading about it in books and developing it through practice. There are also those who have to make bargains with Umbral forces to gain magical abilities, bargaining away their soul or something precious. There are others who are blessed by Astral divinity to carry the magic through them. Then there are sorcerers, who have become a balance of magic and mortal in the world. Sorcerers have five different origins and five different ways they gain their abilities to be connected to 100 Oaths. However, the way they use magic is quite unique compared to other magic casters. They have an open communication with the spirits behind the Oaths, and coax them to bend the rules of the world to make magic happen through persuasion, threats/ acts of intimidation, or exhortation. For example, for a sorcerer to produce a fireball, the sorcerer would convince “fire” to appear in a concentrated form at a specific spot, and due to the sorcerer’s charismatic nature, fire agrees. Normally, such an aberration of the Oaths would be forced to appear before the Fey Court, but the source of each Sorcerer’s power grants them an immunity to such prosecution.

Sorcerous Origins


Like Clerics, sorcerers of Divine origin are also blessed by the gods of the Astral Wind. Not only can they persuade the world around them to bend for magic to appear, but they can cajole the Astral spirits to come to their aid.


Somewhere deep in their bloodline, a bargain with dragons were made, and thus the Draconic origin is formed. Sorcerers with this origin have the draconic bloodline flowing through them, or they themselves charmed a dragon into blessing their lineage. The type of dragon that is coaxed into helping the sorcerer can be seen as either a blessing or a curse. For those that have gained the help from chromatic dragons, it can be a curse, since chromatic dragons are Evil, while metallic dragons are good and look to aid those around them. When it comes to the sorcerer using the magic itself, they use the draconic language to persuade the spirits to support them. [Please reference the Dragon write up when choosing a draconic ancestry.]


For those with the Shadow origin, it is quite the opposite from the Divine. One of their ancestors, or even themselves, persuaded spirits of the Umbra to work with them and “bless” their lineage. As the darkness consumed their bloodline, many who consorted with these Umbra spirits learned in turn how to see through the darkness and even to hold death at bay.


From this origin, the sorcerer has been marked by the Winds themselves, giving them sway over elemental spirits in asking for their aid for magic to work. They speak the language of the elementals themselves, Primordial, said to have been crafted by the original forms at the dawn of time. As these casters become more powerful, spirits tend to react to their presence and are drawn to propel them into the air as their will is invoked.


This type of sorcerer is connected to the chaos of magic unbound by the hundred Oaths, the raw, untamed energies of creation. Maybe an ancestor made a deal with the fey or a demon, or the sorcerer’s birth was a fluke. With this origin, spirits of the world are more than willing to help the sorcerer out, maybe a little too eager. Magic happens when they least expect it, or it can give them more of a boost than anticipated.