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The Spinsail Seven is a crew of adventurers who banded together on the island of Mandelle to weather a storm, and ended up saving the world. They are named for their captain, Kismet Spinsail, who proved to be the only intelligent party member; and their bard, Bloop "Si" Spinsail who proved to be the only capable party member. When Si joined a group of Royal Adventurers to negotiate with The Fey Court, The Spinsail Seven were gifted with Crux: a 29-foot vessel who enjoys taking the form of a small duck while on land.

The Spinsail Seven played a crucial role in defeating a world-ending ritual by discovering and reclaiming a dimensional seal from the Orc forces. They then sailed from Mandelle to The Sapphire Atolls, encountering many dangers on the maiden voyage of Crux. The gods offered to upgrade Crux with mystical improvements, but the party could not agree on anything, so the gods rescinded their offer.

While in The Sapphire Atolls, The Spinsail Seven dined with royalty, battled a powerful wizard, shopped more than should be allowed, and investigated the mystery of the lost civilization of Endar.


Rhiann Sparkscale, Captain

Xyloryctes "Dung", First Mate

Kavin, Quartermaster

Rorric Wilhelm, Sailing Master

Si Spinsail, Boatswain, Diplomat

Kingsley Wolfram-Hart, new to the Crux along with Zus Crub from The Castille

V, Smasher

Former Crewmembers

Kismet Spinsail, former Captain

Syn, Location Unknown

Carmen Bara, Deceased

Bumi Ataahua, Left the party to deal with his feels

Session Summaries


  • April 2nd

The party meets on the island of Mandelle at The Singing Sunbird. Si, Rorric, and Kismet have the unshakable feeling that a storm is looming. They meet Syn and convince him of the storm but Bumi and Rhiann remain unmoved. They are able to convince Carmen, the proprietor of the bar, to seal her windows in the off chance a storm does come. When a great hurricane hits, they slowly make their way to the town's Garrison for shelter. General Oscar, a former lover of Carmen, is found dead by mysterious means, and the party goes to his home to investigate. They encounter several Goblin squatters, and shenanigans ensue. -Kismet's Journal

  • April 9th

While Carmen grieves the death of Oscar, and Rhiann guards the house, the rest of the party follow the Goblins to a hidden cave. Rorric trips on a rolling tree. They discover that Orcs had been living in the caves and taking humans as slaves. Two surviving slaves, clutched by panic, attack the party. The party manages to defeat the Orcs and recover an artifact that they had been hiding. Syn gets transported to Space and has a run-in with death upon his return. -Kismet's Journal

  • April 16th

The party returns to the garrison to question General Virgil about the mysterious death of Oscar. Bumi and Kismet are transported to a meeting of Wind Speakers, where they fight their way to the Turning of the Winds. They discover the source of the hurricane. Meanwhile, the rest of the party battles a deadly Kraken on the beaches of Mandelle. Si goes out to sea to help another vessel, and eventually uses her magic to send the Kraken back to the depths from whence it came. Si returns with two new companions from the other vessel. The party confronts Virgil, who, in a pinch, magically orders them to take a group of soldiers and meet the Orcs head on. -Kismet's Journal

  • April 23rd

The party moves towards the main Orc camp and, one by one, eliminates pockets of Orc soldiers. Half of Virgil's soldiers are lost on the way. The party is ambushed outside the main camp, but they withstand and press on. The party clears the camp and waits for the right moment to continue into the caves and face whatever terrors lie within. Meanwhile, Si and one of the new companions are transported to the Fey Court to negotiate on behalf of the fleet. Si is able to win the court's favor and secure mystical ships for every crew in the fleet. -Kismet's Journal

  • April 30th

As the party attempts to eke out a rest in the Orc camp, they are attacked by two brutish Orc Lieutenants. Rorric is transported to a faraway land to join a special strike team and disrupt the ritual. Bumi sneaks into the caves and finds Orc generals mining the walls of the cave. When the party attempts to confront them, the generals are gone, as well as a small hole in the wall. The party follows through the cave and finds about 50 Orcs loading up a large cargo ship. The party engages, and many members fall in the process. Si Spinsail is killed, but her soul travels to a different vessel with Carmen where she makes a deal to return. Syn blinks into the Ethereal plane where he discovers an object that defies the laws of the planes. He claims it--the Dimensional Seal. The fleet sends a group of assassins to help the party finish off the Orcs, while Si and Carmen sail triumphantly back into combat aboard Crux. The party takes stock of everything that they have found, and set forth with Crux and the Orc ship in tow. Rorric returns from his question, beaten, bloodied, and sporting a new pitch-black eye. -Kismet's Journal


  • May 7th

Finding themselves with unprecedented free time, the party sails towards the Sapphire Atolls. On the way, they meet a Dragon Turtle demanding gold for their safe passage and a party of Sahuagin raiders. The party makes it safely to the Sapphire Atolls where they are able to relax, recuperate, and attempt to sell the Orc Ship. They then learn that the ship once belonged to King Varys, who buys it back and invites the party to a banquet that evening. Carmen buys some exquisite armor, Si buys an exquisite lute. Rhiann learns that they don't make banquet gowns for 6'7" Dragonborns, and Bumi learns to surf. -Kismet's Journal

  • May 14th

The party gets ready for the banquet and does as much shopping as they can in the few hours they have. At the party, Si plays a set so enthralling, that the majority of the guests become charmed at once. Rhiann, unimpressed with the bland human cuisine, is offered a top-shelf spicy delicacy that sends a cone of fire shooting from her simmering maw. However, Rorric is confronted by the cousin of some old enemies, The Darchorns, and believes that something wicked is afoot. Bumi attempts to investigate, but proves himself to be hopelessly uncharismatic. Carmen meets a fellow companion who shows her through a secret passage to an office below the castle. Rorric opens up to the party, and they agree to follow him as far away from there as possible. While away, Syn discovers a secret Warlock puzzle that leads him to Nowhere. Bumi meets what appears to be a talking orangutan who wishes to show him the delicate art of surfing. Rorric, Rhiann, and Syn search for an informant to give them more info, and they're lead to a halfling merchant by the name of Sprock. The party regroups and confronts Sprock, but this unassuming halfling was waiting and ready to fight. -Kismet's Journal

  • May 21st

The party confronts Sprock only to find out that he is a powerful wizard who is able to cripple them with a series of extraordinary spells. As Sprock attempts to escape, Bumi grabs a hold of him and finds himself teleported 200 feet into the air, falling to a near certain demise. Syn arrives out of Nowhere, and Kismet arrives with Boabus the centaur: a friend he met during his away mission (drugged-out vision quest on the beach). Bumi survives his fall, and the party regroups aboard Crux. Rorric reveals some earth-shattering information to his party, that he has been searching for the lost civilization of Endar and that he is possibly the last heir to the throne of this civilization. However his information is so earth-shattering that nobody seems to believe or even understand him. Perhaps this civilization has been wiped from history through magical means? Meanwhile, Boabus reveals that the Prince of the island has been missing for over a month.

The party takes a long rest aboard Crux and prepares for the day ahead, which just so happens to be Captain Kismet's birthday!! Syn takes Kismet to further explore Nowhere, where they discover how vast and dangerous Nowhere truly can be. The rest of the party sets up for Kismet's surprise party, which goes off without a hitch (until the end when a squad of guards attempt to board the ship searching for drugs. Kismet's drugs in particular). Bloop skillfully hides Crux in her duck form to evade the guards and relocate to another dock. The party prepares to investigate the city for any information that may lead to the Prince or corroborate Rorric's story. -Captain's Logbook

  • May 28th

After learning that the Prince had set off by himself and headed North, the party decides to sail Northward in search of answers. Before leaving the island, Rorric attempts to learn more about the King's Ship and it's connections to his father's death. Unfortunately, it is heavily guarded and under investigation.

As the party sails North, they are beset by ferocious winds and a group of violent Water Elementals. The party fights off the Elementals and battens down the hatches to wait out the storm. When the storm passes, the party continues sailing until they discover a volcanic island. On the island, they discover the Prince's ship, wrecked on the coast. They investigate the island and find the ruins of a long-destroyed Keep.

The party discovers a trapdoor in the Keep and travels downwards. They discover a hidden room containing five Stone Golems, seemingly guarding a magical secret. Kismet, Syn, and Rorric attempt to sneak past the golems, but Kismet is killed. Syn and Rorric flee with their captain's body and Carmen is able to revive him. The party holds beneath the ruined keep, planning their next course of action. -Captain's Logbook


  • June 4th

The party, ignoring the room of imposing stone golems, ventures further into the tunnels and discovers a door marked with the Dwarven inscription, "Sealed by The Incanos." Si and Kismet recognize the name as a group of Dwarves who live and work with fire. They also discover a statue, hidden behind the stone walls, that appears to be an Angel with Dawrven features. After many futile attempts, Rhiann is able to pull down the door, but the 10,000 lb mass of metal fell and crushed her feet. In a pained and panicked attempt to escape, Rhiann cast Misty Step, and finds herself prone on the ground... without her feet.

While the healers attempt to cauterize Rhiann's wounds, Rorric and Syn explore past the door and find a blast forge and a large supply of an unknown ore. The heat emanating from the forge becomes unbearable, and the party returned to the surface--Rhiann now strapped to the back of Boabus.

On the surface, the party saw a glimpse of a large creature atop the volcano, and Rorric's Ranger sense reveal it to be a dragon. The party casts off to take a rest aboard the Crux and returns the next morning. Si beckons the dragon from the caldera with a song, and the dragon appears. She is Gold and Red, and appears to be a hybrid of the two types. The party attempts to speak to her, but she is animalistic in her understanding of language and simple concepts. The party attempts to ask her about the Prince, but she becomes scared and dives back into the volcano. The party follows and tries again to speak to her. She appears to be scarred and injured, and when Rorric puts forth the angelic statue, she attacks it. Rorric senses the presence of humans on the surface of the island, and the party climbs back out in pursuit.

The humans are a small group of siblings who have been living here for years since they shipwrecked on the island and their parents were killed. They reveal that they have seen the Prince and that he was in the subterranean tunnels beneath the volcano. The party finds the tunnels and ventures down until they find the Prince lying dead in a chamber. Si discovers his diary which reads, "I'm out of food, I'm out of water, and I don't know how to get out. The dragon will stop me." -Captain's Logbook

  • June 11th

The party takes the body of the Prince out of the tunnels, and find that Crux is missing. While Bumi and Rhiann go to investigate the crater, the rest of the party finds Crux across the island with the shipwrecked humans (A.K.A "Lost Boys"). The prince's body is placed aboard Crux, and the party attempts to take some of the mysterious metal from the forge. The party, through creative use of elemental spells, retrieves the 10,000lb door and a 100lb chunk of the dark metal. They carefully load it aboard Crux while the dragon (henceforth named Modryn) watches curiously from the crater of the volcano. Bloop leaves a gift for Modryn while Kismet slowly and carefully casts a ritual to grow shiny new Ironwood feet for Rhiann.

Kimset casts a ritual to enrich the plants of the island, and the party sails back towards the Sapphire Atolls. Sure that the king will be able to resurrect the Prince, the party attempts to obscure the location of the island and save Modryn from the Kingdom's wrath. Bloop uses her forgery kit to make a false map in the prince's journal so that he will not be able to return to the island when he wakes. Meanwhile, Bloop and Carmen spend much of the journey with the lost boys, teaching them some basic skills in hope that they can thrive when they encounter civilization for the first time.

The party arrives at the island, and Rhiann leads a somber funeral procession towards the castle. The king appears, distraught and disappointed in his son's foolhardy fate. The King summons Lorelei, a powerful mage and yet another former enemy of Rorric. The party waits anxiously while Lorelei casts her Resurrection ritual. The prince painfully gasps in a breath of air and shoots up. "What happened to the dragon??"

  • June 18th

Flashing back: On the long journey from the island to the Sapphire Atolls, the party earns themselves a respite. They swap tales of adventures that have influenced their lives. Tales of dragons and deadly plagues, thieves and spies and wizards banding together to save the world.

On a drunken whim, Bumi, Bloop, and Kismet spend one night split from the party. They float to a nearby coastline to the Circus island of Noonya. Bumi very narrowly avoids a deadly encounter with the clown guards, saved only by the charm and grace of his Halfling companions. They slink back to the ship in the dead of night, telling nobody of their silly, silly night.

  • June 25th

Flashing back once more: The night before the party's return to the Sapphire Atolls. The party slumbers aboard Crux until a mystical force pulls them from their physical forms into a Fey realm. An ancient fey being, Wendibast, has apparently been watching Spinsail Seven with great interest and wishes to play some games. After an interlude of seductive dance and a spot of supper, the party finds themselves face to face with an Adult Red Dragon. Bloop uses her magic to confuse and trick the dragon, and Syn attempts to make a deal with Wendibast. Alas, in the Feywild, material beings seldom get to call the shots. The party faces down the dragon once more, attempting to slay it in a way that amuses the dastardly Fey. With a few well-shot arrows and a delectably dirty limerick, the party finally fells the dragon and pleases Wendibast. As Wendibast erupts into laughter, the Spinsail Seven float back down to Crux.


  • July 2nd

Back in the present: "What happened to the dragon??" The party stands before the king, the court, and the awakened Prince. Bloop's forgery of the Prince's journal seems to fool Diana, but the king insists on finding this island so that he can find the dragon. The king presses the party, and tells Boabus to ready an expedition. Meanwhile, the party asks the king for any more information about the lost city of Endar. The King tells the party to seek the island of Var'taos and the Archives of the Magisters' Circle. The party is on the verge of walking away, but they slip at the finish line and can't quite keep their stories straight. Bumi blurts out the existence of the ancient keep, and the king is enraged that the party has been lying. Diana casts a spell on the party. Rorric and Carmen fail to shake it off and are compelled to tell the truth. The king finds the information that he sought and tells the Spinsail Seven to get off his island immediately. The only thing saving them from death was the fact that they brought back the Prince safely.

The party make their way back to Crux with city guards in tow. They are able to purchase a few supplies unhindered. Syn is allowed to make a quick stop at Black Croc Ale to seek a map to Var,taos. The party ready themselves to sail north, once again being followed--this time by two submarines. The party loses the submarines and starts heading towards Var'taos, hoping to find more information about Endar. Var'taos is an island that moves constantly, so sailing there is a herculean task in itself.

In hopes of redeeming himself, Bumi meditates deeply and hears the voice of the Umbral Winds. The winds tell him to make a detour at one island before they help them safely find the Archives. Bumi takes the helm and follows the voices of the wind. As they approach a tiny island in the distance, Bumi hears a whisper: "Raze the island. Destroy everything." Bumi confides in Syn and Carmen before sailing towards shore. The island is a tiny outcropping of stone with a single temple atop. The party climbs to the base of the temple, and Bumi immediately goes to work. He uses his elemental atunement to shatter two of the corner columns. The temple slowly begins to collapse. Almost immediately, a priest, a unicorn, and a mighty Kirin appear in the center of the temple. The rest of the party realize the horror of what's about to happen. They attempt to stop Bumi, but Bumi dodges through the crumbling temple and leaps back aboard Crux. The Kirin calls the party over to it and transports them safely off the island to an unknown location. The temple collapses. Bumi stands alone aboard Crux. The rest of the party is nowhere to be found. A voice in his head whispers, "that will do."

  • July 9th

As Bumi waits on Crux, wondering what happened to his friends, the rest of the party finds themselves in an idyllic forest with the Kirin, Priest, and Unicorn. They have been sucked into a Rod of Security. The Kirin explains that they had been the guardians of a weak spot between the Material and Astral planes. And now that Bumi has destroyed the temple, they will never be able to return to the material plane. The priest hands Rhiann the Rod of Security and charges the party to take up their noble cause and defend the island. The party agreed that they could protect the isalnd, but not indefinitely. Rorric has the brilliant idea to go back and retrieve the party's Dragon friend. The Kirin and Priest know of this dragon and commend the plan. They reveal that the dragon's intellect has been diminished by a magical force on her island, and the party must find a way to help her.

The party leaves the Rod and returns to the island and the temple's ruins. Carmen, Syn, and Rhiann stay behind while the rest travel back to Modryn's island.

In the following days, Carmen, Syn, and Rhiann told tales, sparred, and learned a little bit more about Rhiann's Dawnbringer, the greataxe that seems to prey more and more ferociously on her aggressive tendencies. But before they could discuss any more, they were attacked by 3 Gith Warriors and A Gargantuan Hydra. The three protectors fought until their last and eventually slay the beast and retrieve 3 Githyanki Greatswords.

The dragon party set off to Crux. Kismet explains the disastrous situation to Bumi, and Rorric gives him a good beating to drive home the point. A little worse for wear, the crew begins sailing. After days of travel, Kismet and Rorric notice that the submarine they had seen weeks prior was still following stealthily. Kismet scouted in Octopus form, and found that the vessel contained 40 humans. As the submarine breached to engage Crux, Kismet pries open the hatch and begins pulling people out of the sub and onto the deck of Crux. The party disarms as many as they can and begins interrogating, but nobody talks. Beyond their silence, it seems that they are compelled to give away nothing. Several of the Captains slit their own throats aboard Crux and the crew begins jumping overboard. In the horrifying fray, Kismet is only able to save one man, a young boy who they tie to the mast as a prisoner. As Crux sails away from the scene of carnage, the young boy remains silent.

A tiny bird lands on the railing of the Crux and delivers a message to Kismet. That evening, while the crew is asleep, Kismet jumps overboard, taking the form of a dolphin and leaves a note that he would rejoin them on the island with the destroyed temple and the weak spot between this and the astral plane. Also adding, "We should have asked the name of that island."

  • July 16th

Aboard Crux, the party attempts to question the boy (some with more brutal intentions than others). Despite Bumi and Rorric's pleas, Bloop ties him securely and unharmed below deck. The party arrives at the island and comes face to face with the enfeebled dragon once more. They attempt to speak to her, but she doesn't comprehend what they need. The party agrees that they must pay another visit to the keep and the stone golems that dwell beneath. They attempt to speak to them once more, but are told again that they don't belong. Remembering the near-death of Captain Kis, the party retreats. In a moment of Bardic Inspiration, Bloop tells Rorric and Bumi to flee the tunnels and she teleports into the small chamber behind the room. Unsure, if she is about to be attacked, she grabs two items at her feet and disappears again above the surface. The two items are a spoon which seems to grant the holder immense intellectual powers, and an icy wet belt that they cannot identify. With the items in hand, the party returns to the dragon and convinces the reluctant creature to follow them back towards the island.

Back at the temple, the protector crew has been enjoying the barbecued spoils of their hydra battle. But suddenly, large stones begin flying from the ruins and hurtling towards Carmen. Two Githyanki Knights appear from thin air and begin to attack. As everyone in the group begins to fall, Rhiann activates the Rod of Security so that they can retreat and heal.

When they return after a rest, only a few seconds have passed in the material plane, so the group makes quick work of the Giths. And then the rest of the crew arrives, followed by the giant Red/Gold Dragon.

Using the spoon artifact, Bloop is able to restore the dragon's intelligence, and the party pleads with her that she might be the new protector of the temple. The dragon thanks the party for saving her and agrees to take this noble charge.

Meanwhile, something on the island seems to snap the remain's of Bumi's sanity, and he is struck with intense fear and paranoia. The party notices that something is wrong, but Bumi falls into the background, wondering what treachery his friends have been plotting against him. As the party questions the dragon (now known by her true name, Arveia), Bumi sneaks back towards Crux. Bloop sees him stealth away and follows him. When she arrives aboard Crux, Bumi has his hands around the young prisoner's neck, choking out his life with a glint of insanity behind his eyes. The party convenes and stops him before making one of their most difficult decisions yet. They bind their once-friend Bumi and keep him below deck until they can discover what evil lies within him.

  • July 23rd

Kismet returns from his mission and, to his dismay, learns of Bumi's madness. Kimset speaks to Bumi, but recognizes a dark power behind the Monk's answers. Kismet agrees to leave him bound.

As the party spends more time with Arveia, and some take a much needed rest, Crux is ambushed once more by a host of Githyanki. They seek the swords that were taken by Carmen, Rhiann, and Syn. Bumi uses his elemental powers to tip Crux and send a few of the Gith tumbling, but one remains and demands that Syn return the sword. Syn chucks it into the ocean, and the Gith retrieves it. He teleports away, presumably to return for the other swords.

In the evening, Rorric and Carmen attune to the remaining swords, and discover a modicum of the awesome power they possess. And Rhiann takes the belt that was recovered from the island and discovers that it grants her the strength of a Frost Giant. She is very pleased with her new toy.

At dawn, while Carmen is asleep in her quarters, three Githyanki shift into her room, cut her down, and steal the sword. Wounded within an inch of her life, Carmen crawls from her chamber and alerts the party. At which point, seven more Githyanki Knights appear--demanding the final sword. Rhiann takes the sword from Rorric and tosses it overboard, but this only angers the Gith. The ensuing close-quarters melee strikes down more of the party than any fight before. The party fights bravely and sloppily, but their captain is thrust away from the World Ship and into the Elemental Plane of Fire. One-by-one, the party members are cut down. Kismet wanders the plane in the form of a Salamander and convinces an Efreti to take pity on his plight. In a flash, he finds himself afloat off the port of his loyal ship. He transforms into an immense Octopus and pulls several of the Gith underwater with him. Kismet's return rallies his crew and they are able to catch one of the remaining Gith and broker a deal in return for the final sword, leaving him in the ocean to regain his planar travel ability and return home. They have lost their swords, and a great deal of dignity, but they live. They are ready to return to their quest and sail towards the Magisters' Circle.

  • July 30th

Following their near-deadly Githcounter, Si is called away to a secret mission for the Green Light. Carmen spends the night deep in meditation, and awakes ready to rid the ship of an unknown evil. She and Rhiann go below-deck and cast the divine ritual needed to dispel whatever evil had been plaguing Bumi's mind. The evil force clings to Bumi's body, but Carmen's divine fury blasts it from the ship and back to wherever it came from.

Still reeling from the Gith fight, the party takes extra care in teaching the Lost Boys any skill that might aid them in the world. The dangers of a life aboard Crux is becoming more and more apparent.

The Crux sails forward towards the Magisters' Circle and finds a mysterious dome of energy in the middle of the ocean. Kismet scouts ahead in eagle form and sees a mysterious sight: An island surrounded by perpetual twilight. Atop the island is a huge crystal structure towering over a small community. The party docks and is greeted by a young halfling man who's whole demeanor is dour and lifeless. He tells them that they have arrived at The Magister's Circle Archives. As they enter the city, everyone they meet is just as subdued. The whole island appears to be depressed and exhausted.

The city is arranged in seven segments, each corresponding to a school of magic. Noticeably absent is the school of necromancy, replaced by an abandonned, derelict street. At the center of the island is a huge tree containing arcane runes that face each segment of the city. Where Necromancy would be is instead a mess of decaying wood. The party turns to walk towards the Crystal tower but finds that it has moved.

The party approaches the guards and learn that they must pass trials in order to enter the Archives. One of them offers to lend his help in the trials, and the party begins to ascent the spiraling path upwards. They first encounter a giant insect-like creature and fell it in seconds. They next discover a patch of sentient fungi who prove much more challenging. The fungi wound and poison many party members, but are eventually slain. However, in the midst of the battle, Rorric stumbles backwards and steps off the edge of the path. In the split second that his foot dipped below the path, it incinerates in flame. The party is only a fraction of the way up. Beaten, battered, and averaging only 1.57 feet, the party takes shelter against the wall and takes a rest.


  • August 6th

As the party rests against the wall of the tower, and Carmen tends to Rorric's foot, they fall into a dream. At least it seems like a dream, because they are transported into a dark cavernous chamber. The party explores the chamber and finds that they are in an ancient tomb of some sort. Rorric and Bumi sleuth down a narrow hallway and find a coffin. Not able to budge the stone, they call Rhiann forward. Rhiann pries open the coffin and finds the bones of some long-dead noble. In a flash, the bones animate, and the skeleton sits up. In seconds, before it has a chance to lift a hand, the party releases a barrage of attacks and the skeleton crumbles back into its coffin.

The party continues down a second hallway and finds themselves between another coffin and a closed door. Bumi opens the door and somersaults into the chamber without a hint of foresight. Surrounded by treasure, Bumi gawks for a few seconds before three Lich-hounds emerge from the shadows. Simultaneously, an armored figure rises from the coffin. With flashes of holy fire, glints of steal, and a few well-placed arrows, the fight is won and the party searches the room. They find magical items for each party member and relish the few moments before they wake up. When they awake on the side of the tower, they are shocked to find their items on them (though seemingly less powerful than they were in the dream). The party begins to ascend the tower again.

  • August 13th

The party clambers up the steep path once more and comes across a small hut blocking their path. Bumi and Bloop investigate the home and find no light coming from the windows. Syn is watching with a sort of panicked expression. Whether he knows what it is is unclear, but something was tugging at his mind. Syn was right. As Bloop pulls open the door, she sees a large gaping maw with jagged teeth and a long purple tongue. The creature (the house?) snaps at Bloop while Bumi creates a gust of wind to try and push it off the edge. Syn unleashes a spell, Rhiann slashes with her mighty axe, Kismet creates a wall of water. The creature is weakened, but not yet felled. It leaps high in the air and lands on several party members. The free members hack and slash at the disgusting creature, but it jumps again--this time backwards with Kismet stuck to the bottom. Kismet is able to twist away from the brunt of the force as it lands atop him. The party rushes towards their captain and deftly tears the creature to shreds. Within the mass of dead Mimic, they find two skeletons and a mishmash of gold and silver.

The party continues forward and reaches the door of the Archives. A shrill voice addresses them and invites them to their three challenges. The voice exists only in each person's mind. The party debates the merits of playing games with such an unknown game master, but agrees to press forward. As they step into the door, each party member finds themselves alone. The mind challenge. Separated, each member is given a riddle by the shrill dominating voice. While most of the party succeeds, Bloop's fast tongue and carefree spirit betrays her. She fumbles and finds herself thrust out of the door to join the party. Except she doesn't, because she is floating ethereally above her body. The party panics at the sight of Bloop's lifeless body, but Syn blinks into the ethereal plane and finds Bloop's soul floating right before him. The heart challenge and the body challenge remain.

Knowing that Bloop is the most powerful member of the party, Bumi talks to the voice. He bargains his soul against Bloops and offers himself in her place. She will be needed for whatever challenge comes next. Bumi's sacrifice satisfies the voice, and the heart challenge. Bumi expects to float harmlessly away from his body, but instead finds himself trapped in a tiny chamber. A soul jar. The rest of the party, not knowing where Bumi's soul is, presses forward towards answers. The body challenge awaits. The party walks into the next chamber and their entire beings shift. Bloop looks down and sees large scaled hands, Rhiann, the wrinkled hands of an aged Halfling. Kismet grows into a tall lean Tiefling, and Syn finds himself in the body of a young Halfling druid. The body challenge is just that - each consciousness is switched into one of their companion's bodies, and the cold voice compels them to fight. A cruel game. Kismet and Syn reluctantly spar, knowing that there is healing energies to go around. Kismet (or Syn?) transforms into a beast and knocks the Tiefling out as gently as possible. Bloop refuses to fight. She forfeits and Rhiann wins. A strange hollow permeates through the room, and they find themselves in a new room. They are greeted by a tall mage wearing delicate robes and a wry smile.

The archives are not a library as many thought, just a man with a mind full of answers. The winners of the body challenge can pose one question each. The party asks him of Endar, the lost city of Rorric's past. They learn of an Efreti, a Darkhorn (an enemy of the Wilhelm family), and three wishes - three wishes that moved Endar to a new plane, erased it from the minds of the world, and made it impossible to find. The party leaves, struck by the difficulty of the task at hand, but finally pointed in the right direction. Oh, and they find a jar containing Bumi's soul under the mage's watch. They smash it open, and Bumi takes some time to stretch.

Unsure how they could possibly start searching for more answers, the party does something that they know how to do well. They approach the dead tree at the center of town, Bloop pulls out a magical seed that she had earned on her travels, and Rhiann and Kismet cast a spell to let it take root. They results are far from instantaneous, but they know that the seed has begun to do its work. The tree will grow again.

  • August 20th

The party sleeps aboard Crux that night, and they find that Crux has grown again. The celestial powers that grant them life have rewarded the party once more. The party realizes something bittersweet. Several of the Lost Boys had displayed interest in the arcane, and they were currently at one of the finest arcane establishments on The World Ship. The party offers to leave 3 of the boys, Frederick, Dimitri, and Owen, at the University to further their studies. The Spinsail Seven and the remaining boys are struck with heavy hearts, but also with pride and excitement. These feelings call for several things: fine food, finer drinks, dancing, and poor decisions. In the shadow of the Sapphire tower, the party parties.

The party nurses their hangovers, and they say a tearful farewell to the boys. The sail away from the island and towards the next adventure. There are several options for the next leg of their adventure. Kimset had been stripped of his Captainhood on one of his journeys, Syn wanted to find Dwarven blacksmiths to make the most of his Adathril, and Rorric had allies on the island of Kade. The party decides on Kade. They sail for eleven uninterrupted days, each member weary from the challenges they have faced. But in the present day, rest and reflection are always short-lived.

The party arrives three miles from the shore of Kade and sees a smattering of dots surrounding the island. Kimset hears the sound of distant explosions. Syn and Kismet fly towards the island stealthily and explore. The dots are ships, Imperium battle ships laying siege to the island. Rorric insists that they must help the people of Kade, and the rest of the party agrees. Once again, the party's cheerful jaunt has turned into an infiltration mission. Bloop transforms into a pelican, and the rest of the party is compacted into Crux's duck-form. Bloop flies unseen above the ships and drops Crux in a pond in the center of the island.

Bloop had been solemn and distant for days, but her next actions shock the party. She leaves the ship immediately and flies back towards the island. The party hears distant screams and rapid gunfire. What was Bloop doing?

Bloop, for her part, has a simple goal. Find some information, scare some random seamen, and laugh in the face of death. She flies to the nearest ship, stares down the confused crewmembers, and casts a terrifying illusion on the deck of the ship. They scream and run from her. And before they have a moment to retaliate, she vanishes.

Bloop returns to less than happy crewmates. Bloop is a free spirit, and often unpredictable, but the party is still recovering from their last member being possessed by a devil and exhibiting similar rash behavior. Carmen admonishes Bloop, and Bloop retorts back. It may come to blows, but that is the last thing the party needs. Rorric yells and temporarily ceases the argument. He knows the location of the nearest people. The party agrees to move ahead and do what they were here to do. Bumi and Rorric stealth forward and find a small village with wooden walls surrounding it. Bumi moves to climb the wall and take a peak, but Rorric opts for the honest route and suggests that they just go to the gate and offer help. The party walks forward, hands raised as a sign of peace. Alas, Rorric was relying on trust and ignorance--two things that humans have in surplus.

The party finds themselves not in a besieged Kade village, but an Imperium outpost. Imperium soldiers and several mages were waiting within the gate, as if they had already been ready to march. Bumi moves first. He spots the leader, dodges through the soldiers, and grabs the man by the throat. Syn unleashes a spell that seems to melt the minds of some of the soldiers, Rorric unleashes a barrage of arrows into a few soldiers. It looks as though the fight will be won in seconds. But the party underestimates the mages. A cone of fierce icy wind, followed by an explosion of red fire engulf the party and tear through them. Then the leader, a more powerful mage than anyone could have thought, stops time. He calmly escapes Bumi's grasps and walks to the center of the yard. He casts a protective sphere around himself and lets loose yet another explosion of fire. The party is beaten and bloodied. They may only have seconds left to act.

  • August 27th

In the midst of combat, Bumi is able to stun the archmage, leaving the rest of the group open to take out the lesser enemies one by one. Kismet takes the form of a giant ape and squahes one of the lesser mages into pulp. The Archmage, still stunned, manages to teleport into a nearby building to hide, but the party is spurred on by Bloop's inspiration and chases him down. Rhiann, Rorric and Bumi hold the mage down (some more aggressively than others) and Bloop comes to question him. The empire is on the island to stop the giant tree that is climbing up the volcano in the middle of the island.

The party feels tremors in the ground as the largest city on the island is obliterated a few miles away. Syn goes to investigate, but finds nothing but rubble. The party makes its way towards the volcano. Bloop flies ahead and attempts to talk to the tree, but it is far too goal-oriented to entertain the bard. Bloop is unable to ascertain its goals, but learns that the party has little chance of stopping it.

Meanwhile, Bumi takes a detour to look for a dinosaur, and ends up getting his leg stomped on by the huge beast. Confusion and panic ensue, but Rhiann amputates his leg and Carmen grows it back with a word. Bloop flies after the beast to take notes for future polymorphing.

Rorric discovers a tunnel leading into the volcano with several tracks going in and out. The party squeezes through the tunnel behind a waterfall and finds themselves in a large cavern. In the cavern, a red portal appears before them and then vanishes. It appears one more time and sucks Syn into it's fiery depths. Syn finds himself once again on a different plane. And then the portal reopens and he's back in the cavern. The party carefully presses on before another another member is lost, possibly for much longer.


  • September 3rd

The party presses on until Bloop walks into a trip wire. She stops dead in her tracks before releasing the pressure and sees 10 crossbows in the ceiling pointed at her and her companions. Bumi and Kismet work to disable the wires while Gjerry the Spectre flies up to disable the crossbows.

The party moves forward safely and finds a large crevasse full of scalding hot water. As the party ferries across the crevasse on Syn's flying broom, Kismet spots a small golden shape below the surface. He creates a tube down to the object and Bloop levitates it up to the edge. It appears to be a cursed circlet of blasting. Bloop keeps it safely on her person until the party figures out what to do with it.

The party moves forward through the caverns, Rorric still sensing the tracks of 6-10 humanoids ahead. The party finds a ladder at the end of a tunnel. Bloop and Kismet go first, and they find themselves in a cozy chamber. In it, a small human boy and a older woman. The boy says that he is Kade. After a series of confusing questions, the party learns that this boy was saved from the destruction of the island and now he is acting as an avatar of Kade. The woman is named Caramel and she is a servant of the god. Kade explains that the humanoids ahead are trying to destroy the heart of the island, and that the party needs to beat them there and protect the heart, lest Kade falls.

Kade sends the party back into the cavern and blesses them with an arrow in the air that points the way forward. He then asks to speak with Rhiann alone. The party waits, and Rhiann descends the ladder and seems to have more questions than answers. Her arrow is pointed a different way.

Caramel joins the party and they move through the cavern, but Rhiann must decide to stick with her friends or follow her arrow. [...redacted...]

The party hears the sounds of pigs ahead, and as they hear the pigs being slaughtered. As they rush forward, they find a pig burnt to cinders and lying in front of a small square chamber. The party moves forward and sees another dead pig; while they were mighty pigs in life, they were guinea pigs in death: used to route out the way through this deadly maze of rooms. The party goes through great mental pains to figure out the puzzle, and some go through great physical pains as well, but eventually the party makes it through the rooms.

  • September 10th

The party moves forward and finds a smooth circular room with a large hole going downward in the corner. As Syn investigates the tunnel, a portal opens inches from his face. More portals to the Elemental Plane of Fire. The party watches as portals begin to open and close in random locations throughout the tunnel. After long moments of watching, the party is unable to decipher a pattern. They shoot arrows which disappear. They throw torches and ball bearings, which disappear. Eventually, Syn and Rorric leap into the closest portal.

Syn and Rorric are trapped in what appears to be an inescapable loop. They appear in the plane of fire, jump through a portal and are deposited in another portal. There does not seem to be any more of a pattern here.

Rhiann exhibits the level head that only someone of great faith can comprehend. She closes her eyes and waits for her moment. She slides down the tunnel, narrowly missing each portal opening. When she safely reaches the bottom of the tunnel, Syn and Rorric are writhing on the ground, trapped in an illusion. Rhiann slaps them back to material plane, and the rest of the party follows, knowing that no real danger exists.

The party goes through the door, and finds another chamber with a single hallway leading out. There are remnants of a fire and a picnic. Bumi sneaks ahead through the hallway. He deftly leaps over a trip wire only to land on a pressure plate. He pauses and then molds the stone around him to replace his weight. He leaps back from the plate safely. The party backs out of the hallway as the stone collapses and the trap is activated. Two sheets of heavy glass fall in the hallway and an invisible poison gas fills the chamber. Some of the gas leaks into the room, but most of the damage is contained in the trap. Rhiann and Syn work together to break the glass so the party can press on. Syn uses strange magic known as science, cooling and heating the glass while Rhiann whacks it. The party moves forward and finds a flat iron door with no opening. It is an illusion, hiding the real door behind it.

The party carefully opens the door.

In this next chamber, the party is greeted by an old acquaintance. General Virgil. The man who once enchanted the entire party and an army of 40 men to do his bidding. Virgil has been waiting for the party to arrive. The party questions him, and he reveals that the empire is in a state of terrible flux and that he is working to salvage what he can. He says that his organization is known as Section 30. Rorric is becoming more and more incensed through this conversation, hating the empire as he does. He rushes forward and takes a swing at the general, but he isn't there. It was an illusion. At this act of aggression, the illusion vanishes. The party is alone once more, and the arrows are still pointing forward.

The party enters a large slippery, slimy chamber with a well in the center of the room. In the ceiling, there are huge grates. On the opposite side, a large valved door. Rhiann helps Rorric climb into the well to investigate while Bumi and Kismet investigate the door. Rorric swims down and the water becomes hotter and hotter until he can't it any longer. He swims up and climbs out of the well, mildly burned but not too worse for wear.

Bumi and Kismet begin to pry the door open, and water begins pouring in from the ceiling. The water is coming at a phenomenal rate, but it is draining nearly as fast. The current of the water is heading towards the well. Kismet closes the valve again and the water stops. It drains out of the room rapidly.

Kismet discovers that the door can't be fully opened, and the party stops to consider how they might move forward. Kismet creates a bubble of safety and opens the valve again, but the door is still stuck. Water is rushing into the room and draining through the well. Kismet begins to understand that the room needs to be full before the door can open, but not before Bumi has a moment of clarity (rashness? idiocy?) and leaps into the well. Bumi is flushed from the room and is battered down twists and turns until he falls onto dry land. Outside the volcano, at the waterfall where the party entered.

The rest of the party is flabbergasted. If not for Rorric's ability to sense Bumi's presence outside the volcano, they would assume that he leaped to his death. Kismet's protective bubble will last for nearly an hour more, and they agree to wait for Bumi until the hour is up. Bumi rushes back into the volcano, and retraces the party's steps, but not even an agile monk could traverse this in under an hour.

The party opens the valve door and moves into a small chamber containing nothing but a ladder. Rhiann says a quick prayer for Bumi to find them again safely. As Bumi runs to meet his friends, the rest of the party ascends the ladder and stops at the hatch, ready to take on whatever waits on the other side.

  • September 17th

As the party arrives in the massive chamber on the other side of the hatch, they are welcomed by the group they've been tracking through the dungeon. They find themselves on a narrow bridge surrounded by magma on both sides. Fierce warriors lie in wait on the bridge. The fighter immediately steps forward and swings at Captain Kismet. Bolts, arrows, and arcane spells fly from unknown vantage points. Ahead of them, on a massive crumbling platform they see a wall of magma behind which lies their quarry. Kimset turns into an eagle, Bloop Dimension Doors into the fray. Swords flash, fireballs explode, Bumi arrives late, Rorric unleashes lightning arrows, Bloop umleashes Eldritch blasts, Syn evicerates minds, Rhiann slashes down foes, Carmen unleashes her spectral wings, Kismet takes the form of a vicious Salamander. As party member after party member fall to the superior might of their foes, General Virgil emerges from behind the curtain of magma and transforms into a massive Devil. Carmen is down, Rhiann is falling towards the magma, Syn has fallen unconscious, Bumi is suspended above the magma, helpless.

Bloop takes a look around the room and uses her only recourse, she teleports into the magma wall and stands before The Heart of Kade. She squeezes the heart and blinks s the power of the heart enters her body and replaces her own. A calm ascends on the party as the power of Kade washes over them. Time slows as they look around the room and begin to systematically fell the enemies before them. As the party finishes off General Virgil, Rhiann looks back and sees the lifeless body of Carmen lying on the bridge. Syn wakes from his unconsciousness and looks around confused. Rhiann rushes towards Carmen, but it's too late.

The island begins to shake more violently, as if the heart was holding back the floodgates. Kismet grabs the body of General Virgil. Rhiann hoists the lifeless body of her friend over her shoulder. The party makes their escape. The party sails away from the cacophony as Kade explodes behind them. As they plan their next move, they realize that Syn has disappeared during the escape. Nobody saw him leave. And Carmen? There's nothing left to be done. Rhiann, after praying to Nus'tael for guidance, begins preparing to say goodbye to Carmen Bara.

  • September 24th

The party, barely escaping the destruction of Kade, finds a safe location to rest aboard Crux. When they wake, they find a note from Syn saying that some evil force has taken over his body and that he doesn't want to hurt anyone in the party, so he left. As the party grapples with this unexpected loss, they have another loss to attend to. The party holds a funeral ceremony for Carmen Bara, their celestial-touched Diplomat, their protector, their friend.

There's not a dry eye aboard the ship, but now the party must figure out where to go. The party decides to help Captain Kismet regain his official One Family Captaincy. They must search for a Gnome-thief who had defrauded Kismet, and the last place he saw her was in the city of Trajin on Drijan, the homeland of Bumi.

The party travels to Drijan much faster than they thought, and decides to let loose after a terrible few days. They find one of the isalnd's many gambling halls and begin to lose their money and sobriety in equal measure. Meanwhile, Bloop takes Lars to the Companion's Guild so that he can continue learning the skills Carmen had been teaching him. And so another Lost Boy moves on from the crew.

At the Casino, the party meets a red-haired human man and his young Half-Orc ward, and bond with them over some turtle races. Rorric invites them to Lars' going-away party, despite many misgivings from the crew. Bumi and Rhiann donate some money to an orphanage, Bloop sets up for a party, and Kismet begins looking for clues.

At the party, the human man reveals himself to be a Firbolg named Xyloryctes or "Dung." The Half-Orc doesn't talk to anyone very much, but her name is V and she is sporting a mighty Greatsword on her back.

The party goes off without a hitch, and half the party doesn't remember most of it.


  • October 1st

After Lars' farewell party, the Spinsail Seven (or the Spinsail Five plus two guests), decide to start looking for Information about Kismet's Gnome Thief. Kismet and Dung go to an Inn, Bloop and V go to a locksmith, and Rorric, Rhiann, and Bumi go to a leather shop. Bloop flirts successfully, Rhiann flirts less successfully, and Kismet finds a letter from the One Family.

Upon opening the letter, Kismet and Bloop discover that it is actually from Nyberg, the Gnome thief. Bloop wants to take it to the One Family immediately, but Kismet feels less than welcome there. Kismet transforms into a snake and follows Bloop to the Halfling House. Meanwhile, splits off to the companion's guild to find a date for the night.

At the Halfling House, Bloop shows the Halfings the forged letter, and they demand to follow her and speak to Kismet themselves. Bloop and Kismet are less than pleased, but the Halflings follow them to the bar where the party was planning to meet up again.

In the bar, Rorric pumps the bartender for information, but comes up short. Kismet arrives at the bar in snake form, but sees 3 Halflings who appear to be watching them. Bloop arrives with two more Halflings in tow. Everyone notices everyone noticing each other, and the Halflings all bolt. V sends her owl to follow them.

  • October 8th

As the party tries to sneak back to Crux and avoid an altercation, Bumi enjoys his date on the beaches North of the island. The rest of the party make their way across town, but they run into two familiar Halflings, Spinsails at that, Arrete and Menelaus! They had come from an adventure and were stopped at the Halfling House. They vouched for Kismet and Bloop, and The One Family has agreed to leave Kismet alone as long as he stops Nyberg and retrieves what she stole. The Halflings are also joined by a Vedalken mage named Kavin. They assure Kismet and Bloop that he is a friend, and the three of them join the party aboard Crux. The OG party members briefly huddle and agree to ask Dung and V to join their crew for the time-being. V and Dung are delighted.

Kismet deciphers the letter from Nyberg and finds that it is the code to The One Family's vault in the Horned Bank. The party sails towards the bank and half the party disembarks. In the vault, Kismet looks for anything that Nyberg could have placed for him, and finds a small goblet with a glowing orb atop. It was definitely not there the last time they had visited. Kavin identifies that the goblet contains scrying magic.

They rejoin the rest of the party aboard Crux and plan to use the goblet to track down Nyberg. Meanwhile, Rhiann talks to Rorric about her secret mission on Kade, one which has left a dark cloud hanging over her for days. Bumi and V decide to test each other's fighting skills and have a quick spar (they very nearly kill each other, as often happens when they hit things)

  • October 15th

Bloop feels the power of Kade's heart coursing through her more and more each day, and hears voices in her head praying to Kade. She feels the heart wanting to return to its source.

The party sails towards an archive island known to Kavin so that they can learn more about the hearts of Island. Bloop wishes to know more about Kade and Arrete and Menelaus seem certain that the item Nyberg stole was the heart of the twinned islands Castor and Pollax. The party listens to an academic lecture about the forming of The World Ship.

Afterwards, Kavin scrys on Nyberg and sees her imprisoned in a stone room. He knows which direction they need to head, and the party presses on. They arrive at a large wooded island and travel to the first town they can find, Houthakker. They discover that a huge swath of the isalnd os obscured in magical darkness, and Kavin believes that Nyberg is being held within the darkness. As the party explores the town, Rorric hunkers down to sense the presence of his favored enemy, and he senses a dragon headed towards the town at great speed. He runs into the tavern where the party is waiting and announces that the dragon is coming.

  • October 22nd

With the dragon approaching, Bloop transforms into a bird and flies in the direction of the monster. Rorric and Bumi leap into action to follow her. Bloop meets the dragon flying above the forest. The dragon demands the heart of Kade, and Bloop attempts to find out the dragon's motives. As Bloop reasons with the dragon, it strikes her. She reverts to her true form, and before her body hit the ground, the dragon rips the heart from her.

The dragon flies towards the town and destroys the statue in the square and flies into the distance. Bumi and Rorric charge through the woods and find an unconscious Bloop. Rorric casts a healing spell and Bloop awakens. Where the heart of Kade once was, there is nothing. Bloop is heartless (moreso than usual) but able to walk away and back towards the town.

Reunited in Houthakker, the party joins with a Dragonborn ranger (Cervene Draak) who agrees to lead them towards the darkness and the castle where Nyberg is being held. The party marches on as the snow begins to pick up. They find two elves, frozen and approaching death, who tell them that they were being controlled by Mort the Necromancer. Kimset recognizes them as they assailants he met at The Horned Bank.

Powering through the cold, the party defeats an already hampered Nycaloth, and encounters a horde of Frost Giant skeletons in the woods. The party attacks, and with the help of Bloop's fear magic, drive the undead giants away.

  • October 29th

The party is attacked by two unwilling Dwarves named Fjalar and Galar. They don't explain much but, it's clear they are not acting on their own accord, cursing a necromancer named Mort. They are eventually defeated and their bodies burned, so they can't be revived. The party pushes onward up the path to the castle, encountering worsening conditions until the storm is in white-out conditions. Rorric senses a town up ahead, which was not on the map. As they step through a barrier, they suddenly find themselves on the outskirts of the town of Parshall. Cervene Draak is genuinely amazed, telling the party he didn't know this town was here. On further questioning, it's discovered he was not the Sherpa that he advertised himself to be. He tries to flee but, Bumi stuns him and Bloop charms him. In fact, he's a mercenary sent, along with his partner Sail Sapphire, to capture Nyberg and complete her mission. He is bound and a Kavin instructs Kismet to call a Polar Bear to intersect Sail.

The inhabitants of Parshall are all half-orcs lead by Mayor Samantha Goddard. They have not heard from their Jarl Suttung since Mort and his crew drove them out 5 years ago, most likely killing him and all that were still in the castle. The party also meets Ulmug Chiptooth, who runs the inn and his friend Alexander Strongarm, who works at Ugor’s Forge. They believe that the origin of the town of Parshall is more sinister than most of the towns inhabitants believe.

Kavin went to the library or the University and scared a professor. Dung went shopping at the general store. Bumi bedded down with the animals in the stable and makes eyes at the skittish stable boy (man).


  • November 5th

The crew travel with Alexander Strongarm and Ul-mug Chiptooth up the mountain in a bubble of pleasant fall weather through the whiteout snowstorm. On the journey, Kismet is far off in thought. Arriving at the kitchen entrance of the castle, they battle the zombie employees of Jarl Suttung (mostly just burning them in the pantry, and larder where they were lying in wait). Bugbear zombies from the floor above come down the stairs and are easily dealt with.

  • November 12th

Upstairs, the crew encounter and destroy frost giant skeletons and bugbear zombies. Also some shades? Once that stage was clear, Ulmug and Alexander run up the stairs to the Orrery room. The team follows to find the two working hard to dismantle the device, to no avail. Inside the device is a sexy angel encased in an amber crystal. Kavin learns to work the device and lessens the darkness surrounding the mountain. Meanwhile, Rorric senses a presence beyond the main gate and goes to investigate. It's a lone fluffy cat-man named Polybius, here to retrieve the scroll that V purloined from the library at Terbinna. Successful in his mission, Polybius will wait until morning to head back down the mountain.

  • November 19th

The crew assault the keep, killing many frost giant zombies, an undead bard and Mort D’Azur himself. Yeah, it was that boring, sorry. The spell over Nyberg is broken but, she is undead as well. Bumi grabs a staff that tells him to do some stuff. Rorric finds some pertinent correspondence that reveals a little about Mort's dealing Imperium as well as a letter from A.D. A clue! Rorric and Dung encounter the undead Jarl Suttung and banish him to the realm of fire. Not cool.

Adding insult to injury, they clear out his treasury as well, which was fairly well hidden.

Now is the time for goodbyes. Kismet, Arete, Menelaus and Nyberg prepare to return directly to Houthakker. Kismet takes Rhiann aside and tells her "You are the Captian, from here forth. Here’s my navigation equipment. My hat. And my herb pouch (all fine smokables). Here are my journals and logs and here is a list of possible directions." Menelaus convinces Kavin that he must accompany Kismet to deliver the twin heart of Castor / Pollux to Hyperion.

The rest of the team return to Parhall. Crux becomes a cart to carry all the loot back!

  • November 26th

When the team returns to Parshall, the receiving party of half-orcs welcome them warmly. Samantha Goddard notes that some of the party is absent as well as her own townsfolk Alexander Strongarm and Ul-mug Chiptooth. She is also not happy that all of the tapestries and artifacts were looted from the castle. Despite the indiscretion, the mayor invites them to the Mabon Festival symbolizing Harvest End. She adds that they will send a group of 20 to reclaim the castle and put the bodies to rest.

The party plays game and are adored by the locals.

The imprisoned Cervine Draak asks for Rhiann and gives a poorly delivered speech about seeing her cousin Tiamorrah who was looking for her about some calamity on Perragris. Velcuthimmorhar has been deposed by Hoondarrh (with the help of the Alizarim Empire) and she wanted her to return home to help defeat this new Red Dragon who is subjugating her people.

Rhiann even meets a special friend that cooks her breakfast.

Also, the stick that Bumi picked up asks him to seek a certain Tiefling.

They then return to Suttung Castle and give back most of the tapestries and find a letter in place of the corpse of Mort from P.P. Meanwhile, Menaleus, Arete, Kismet and Nyberg traveled non-stop to Houthakker. The team then go to Houthakker and notice that you can see Parshall from a distance now. Whoops.


  • December 3rd

The crew decided (in a vote) to go to Poz then to Elba even though Kavin (the deciding vote) votes to go to Kade. Maybe Bumi changed his mind because of the possible psychic damage? When they expand Crux, she is sixty-foot vessel with a hold, a mid-deck, an upper-deck and a Captain’s quarters and adjacent ready room and three sails. She says she learned a lot from being a cart and that there are more, yet unexplored forms which she would like to explore. Everyone picks their rooms, Bloop decides to live next to the kitchen. V learns that she can interact with the ghost crew. Rorry organizes the new captain’s desk and brings her tea and biscuits. He admits that he did this for Kismet as well. Also, that he wants to go home (to Poz). Anders Nocturne, is now a level 1 ranger and wants to be an adventurer.

Bumi struggles with his staff. Bloop identifies the Staff of the Necromancer and scares poor Bumi to death. The rest of the helpful crew use powerful magic to stop the Gaes effect and then remove the staff’s ability to make the new owner want to keep the staff. The Staff of the Necromancer is then hidden away.

The spirits visit Dung in his sleep and tells him that the Axe is a part to a whole. Also, that it needs to return to Cade. “A quest to find the rest of the parts!” replies Dung. The Spirits roll their eyes. Kavin reviews Mort’s notes and finds information on the Deep Pact and the Imperium. He probably also checked up on Nyberg but, she’s locked in a cabin for the duration of the trip with little contact with the crew. She can report that the ship that she’s on (the Sifanto Mare) will be joined by at least 3 other ships next week and are all headed directly to Hyperion. She predicts a few more weeks of travel.

Some friendly mer-folk wanted to trade some trinkets for gold but were scared off by Bloops’ pleasant song about murdering them.

Later, a pirate ship came into view, aimed it’s bow towards Crux and was quickly left in the dust. A flight over to the ship by Bloop revealed that the sailors were pirates and that they decided that the Crux was not worth the effort so, they turned back towards their target a nearby island called Mutaha. This, aiming their ship towards Crux or, perhaps boredom, turned out to be a death sentence. The rest of the Spinsail Seven quietly snuck up on the boat (though magical means) and unleashed holy hell killing all but eleven of the thirty-one on board. The crew did spare the life of sailor Jerry Boriack, who is a Si Spinsail fanboy and is knowledgeable with cannons and black powder. The ship that he had was Dwarven was on a stolen Rorric got another message from the Horned Bank. This time, it’s the Account Investigations officer Sharos Ill’pine (Horned Bank, main branch). She says that Jasper Darchorn and Skyrm ‘Fisk tried to get into the Rorric Wilhelm account but, failed. The third imposters identity is not known.

Etta was sent to Muta-ha Völ-undar-hús with a message for Torbjorn to see if Torbjorn knew about the Safe Deposit box.

  • December 10th

The party met Captain Whittle who was looking for a pirate ship with Gnomish technology. The party then visited Guildford. Plop remains onboard with the Imperium sub-mariner prisoner. A pair of burnouts tell the tale of Surrey. Rorric bought drugs and memorized the local maps. Bloop buys a Reclining Nude by H.U. Tan and has it delivered to the Crux. Rhiann and Bumi buy smut. Kavin went to the library, which confirmed the tale of Surrey. A pair of slick carriages barrel through town and Rorric casts hunters’ mark on one of the drivers. Etta returns with some good details about the safe deposit box. Captain Carver Whittle returned at the end of the day and retrieved his cannons, paying 1000 GP and delivering a writ of safe passage through the dwarven empire. The crew go down the coast to Surrey arriving the next morning where they meet the mayor who is not very helpful. The party asked for the oldest resident in town, who is a pig farming half-elf named Radford. Bumi considers a life of pig farming. Turns out, Radford just moved here 3 years ago and was no help in identifying Rorry. Also, he was concealing an evil ring that he blabbed about while under the power of Dung’s “zone of truth.” Dung then stole the ring out of his outhouse. The party was more successful with another Surrey resident who recalled Rorry’s sir name as Kestrel. A flash in a wizard tower at the edge of town sent Bumi and Rorric to see an exchange between a gargantuan fiend and a halfling wizard named Randall. Bumi decided to leave. Probably forever. Kavin borrowed the ring and slipped it on to his finger which had a short conversation with him about its hunger for souls. That’s when Randall came running yelling “Nononononono!” followed immediately after by the reappearance of a very specific devil.

  • December 17th

Bumi finds a cave in the mountains that leads to the Cloud Store. Weird. Asmodeus stands tall on the deck and rubs Crux sensually and says, “Oh, a starship. So young and inexperienced.” Then he turns his attention to the Halfling wizard running towards the ship yelling “Nononononono!” and sends him away with a clap of thunder. Then he quips “Oh, that’s not supposed to be here.” and does the same to Xyloryctes sending him to the scene of a battle on Cade against a Great Wyrm Red Dragon and the Swaggering Blackguards (who clearly do NOT have a documentarian). Then he regards the crew. Bloop demands to know what he is doing on her ship. Asmodeus replies “My job is done, all contracts fulfilled.” She doesn’t believe him but, it’s the truth. Not some made up situation by a sloppy hack of a DM. “Well, since I’m here, he adds.” Looking Bloop up and down he states, “I have nothing that I can offer you.” “Damn right!” Bloop replies. Then, using sending to V says, “on the other hand… V. Would you like to know your parentage?” V nods, and Asmodeus pulls a contract from his belt. It outlines the terms that seem to go over V’s head. Bloop explains and V hands the contract back. With a snap of the fingers, the contract flashes into a cone of fire and is gone. “Where did that half-elf get off to?” Asmodeus asks no one in particular as he scans the deck, finally locking his gaze on to Rorric. “You have lost your way, human. I know what you crave.” “Oh yeah!” says Rorric defiantly. Through jagged and blackened teeth slip the words “Vengeance.” Rorric perks up in interest as Asmodeus reaches for another contract. Rorric seemed to be entertaining the idea reaching for the contract and unrolling it. Bloop buts in again and says that she can help without the forfeiture of your eternal soul. Thinking better of it, he throws the scroll back at Asmodeus, who is now gazing down at Rhiann. The scroll burst into flames inches from Asmodeus’ chest though, he does not react. “Captain…” Rhiann looks up in surprise. “I can provide you an enthusiastic and loyal crew.” Defiantly, Rhiann states “My soul belongs to Nus’tael.” Asmodeus replies, “I’ll do it… for free. Just ask your friend, Bloop here.” The Captain and Bloop look at each other as Asmodeus closes his eyes and inhales deeply. “Do you feel that? You 100 Oaths are broken. The Fey Court is in gridlock. Bolnheim has died. Apparently, he was sacrificed in the creation of a new god. She is currently hovering high above the island of Tz'arrm attempting to figure out what it means to be a god.” Turing his attention to the magical cage around Kavin, that is currently fading he says finally. “Kavin. I’ll see you in my office.” as the two thunderclap out of the Prime Material. Rhiann has a vision of Lorasira with a grim expression on her face and worry in her eyes.

After slurping the Meade of Poetry, the crew fire off a volley of questions that revealed a lot (like, a lot!), including a direction, a short trip, an epic fight.

the two-day journey draws the team together, ridding themselves of selfish gain and committing to doing good on the World Ship. Our stalwart captain proves this by throwing Dawn Bringer (real name ??) into the ocean. Rorric throws his liquor over the railing as Bloop burns a handful of etchings and books. They seal the ceremony by cutting their hands and letting the blood pool on the deck. Though stragely, the blood does mix until Rhiann says a prayer, which joins them. The cuts on their hands are healed and the blood absorbed into Crux, sealing a pact that even Crux doesn’t understand. Yet.

The crew engage the Titan already fighting the remains of a thousand ship fleet. The combined effort of the Spinsail Seven finishes off the Titaness, pushing a massive wave up as the carcass of a Titan crumples into the ocean. The wave catches Crux just as Dung magically returns from Cade. Behind the wheel of the mighty Crux, Dung is hurled through the air over the carcass of a slain Titaness…

Holy crap you guys. You killed a Titan a full round before she was meant to die! Your actions have saved hundreds of souls! I can’t wait until next year to finish this battle.

  • December 24th

No game.

  • December 31st

No game.


  • January 7th

Kavin considers a deal in a quiet office. Crux flies further than expected over the boiling corpse of Asteria. A new island forms. The team gets back together and helps the remaining fleet to kill Leto (combined total of 1,410 points of damage), causing another island to form. A red dragon (Hoon-dar-rh) is crushed. Lorisira ascends. (+1 wisdom while in the daylight / starlight)

  • January 14th

Apparently even though the spot above the tiny island was described as a weakness between the prime material and the astral plane, Leto was able to manipulate it to pull Nus’tael from the very stars. Sadly (for Leto), she was defeated and her corpse falls onto the tiny island. Like her sister Asteria, the body begins to turn into an island. Nus’tael ascends with her emissary, Loracira Acul and closes the portal. There are about ~260 ships (~2500 souls) remain from the original fleet of ~1000 ships. Of those that remain are the One Family navy, halflings and Copper Dragonborn from Castor / Pollux , Gold dragonborn navy from Hyperion, and various ships from the Sapphire Atolls (Impetrabilis (king Varroc), Iskander, Storasta). All of the cultists are dead. The two islands grow towards each other and become one big island and continue to grow under everyone’s feet. Secret: The new island will stop growing when it gets as big as Honolulu island (~500 mi²). Arveia the Red/Gold dragon, returns to her perch on the remains of the temple. Crux made a beeline to the shore and took a nap. Most the crew head to the site of the ruined temple (more ruined by Leto’s foot) to meet with Arveia, who is little help and now unemployed. She admits that Metallic dragons (such as Muan-si (Copper dragon) and Keh’thur-irl (Gold dragon))

Rorric and Bloop were already flying over to help the survivors from the One Family around the Sifanto Mare, where Kismet, Kismet, Arete, and Nyberg have gathered. Sadly, Menelaus was killed and his body was lost. The Resound is marooned on the new island and the halflings are filing out of it including Captain Snickersnit, and First Mate Keldin Ardwin.

Xyloryctes remains on the beach for a bonfire and lunch.

Rhiann, Plop, V, Kingsley, Zus and Kavin help the survivors from Perrigris and meet Ghe-qir-oth, Ne-saar, Bha-roh (Royalty) as well as Taimorrah Sparkscale. She was sent to find Rhiann when Hoon-dar-rh took over Vel-cut-him-mor-har lair and began subjugating the Dragonborn of Perrigris. Kavin pulls a pair of survivors to the ship and pulls the rest in with mage hand. Ne-saar request that Rhiann and her crew help free Vel-cut-him-mor-har from her Imperium prison on Per-dita-spero. Meeting at Momakh in 4 days to set out. Rhiann considers the request. Meanwhile, Rorric valiantly saves the remaining halflings aboard the Enchant, as it lists and sinks. Onboard the Sifanto Mare, Bloop and Rorric have a warm reunion with their former captain, Kismet. Kismet refuses to rejoin the crew saying his duties are here with the fleet (also probably Nyberg).

Sapphire Atolls ships and all others rescue who they can and return home.

Copper and Gold Dragonborn and Halflings gather on the beach near Xloryctes and begin to make camp. The friendly Halflings come over to share their food, utilizing the fire that Dung had built. The crew returns to the beach for a much-needed sleep. Zus has a cry in Kingsley’s arms in a secluded area away from the crew. In the morning, Crux is still sleeping and there are Halflings sleeping everywhere around the camp. The Dragonborn did not bother to socialize.

On the other side of the small (getting bigger) island, the followers of Nus’tael begin morning prayers and the crew head over to attend. Services are performed by High Priest Candise Auger (♀ human Paladin) who closes by saying “Our Guiding Beacon was spared. We will rebuild the Temple to Nus’tael here. Let the light of the Stars guide our ship in darkness, and raise our spirit from despair.”

A contingent of Gold Dragonborn (Bhakris Tulkenthol) Copper Dragonborn (Dociar Yenkaac) and (non-One Family) halflings (Adda Galbassi) approach for to tell the High Priest that they cannot build upon this sacred place. After a heated discussion, Kavin, Rorric and Kingsley talk some sense into the loose delegation and they agree to not only allow the followers of Nus’tael remain, they will also share the arcane knowledge of managing the primordial energy of the fallen Titaness’ to keep them from returning to life again.

Also, everyone can remember that they forgot Endar. What is happening?

The Spinsail Seven waste no time and open a portal to the Horned Bank and quickly vanish.