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Digital Representation of Shamus Quincy 'Squigly' vonLeemonhousen with pistol and green flame
Squigly, gnome wizard, engineer of Aries. Created in HeroForge

Shamus Quincy Squigly vonLeemonhousen

Male Gnomish Wizard.

Background: Shamus Quincy was born in a moderately refined house near the Gnome submarine pens of (island name to be determined).

He attended night school for Wizarding due to the monotonous days blowing glass for port holes. He always longed to see the vast ocean through one of his own port holes, but knew that his job would not grant him that opportunity. Upon graduation, Shamus promptly gave his two weeks notice. His co-workers, sad to see him leave, threw him a small going away party at which Shamus drank quite heavily. The following day, still hung over, he grabbed some small things and tools and headed out to Thrust.

Homeland: The Gnome home land, near the submarine pens.


His father, a well renowned engineer and known for his engine designs, was slightly displeased hearing the news that Squigly was taking night classes in Wizarding.
His mother, ever loving, just wanted her eldest son to be happy at what he wanted, but was very concerned that magic could be dangerous.

Sibling: 1 younger brother.

Cousin: Caramip Ningel vonLeemonhousen - Captain of the Quacken

Oaths: Swore to deliver his first born to a demonic current by the age of 1.

Played By: Mike Forsberg

Log: Engineer's Log