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Large city – Population 37,030 (91% Elven, 5% Human, 2% Halfling, 2% Other)

Founded by the sorceress Yenlara.

Protected by 40-foot-high walls of ivy-covered hard wood. Surrounded by living tress of the Verdant Expanse and elf-made beacons of detection that keep constant vigil for intruders. The entrance of the city is warded by a series of threshold crests, massive emblems of a crescent moon flanked by two trees.


High Warden of Syngorn: a hereditary monarch who appoints proven individuals to three other offices alongside them as the Wardens of Syngorn.

The Verdant Lord: Head of City Guard

The Guildrunner: Manages the city's treasury and oversees commerce

The Voice of Memory: Keeper of history and culture


One of the oldest cultures in the world, the elves of Syngorn are steeped in tradition. The arts, the pursuit of knowledge, training in refined martial arts techniques are all respected and encouraged. Trade between elf islands and other nations is understood to be both healthy and beneficial, but most foreign trade is relegated to the outer areas of the city. Few foreigners ever see the inner city.


Trade agreements allow some human goods to come into the city, however elves are wary of imperialistic humans who chain their island. Dwarven relationships are hampered as their building dead coral cities concept is completely alien to the elven culture of living island of plants. It is rare to have a non elf granted citizenship to Syngorn, usually by decree of the High Warden herself. Many that reside have "temporary lodging visas" and are firmly prompted to leave should they overstay their welcome.


Appears free of crime because elven criminals have hundreds of years of experience lurking in the shadows. A thriving market for illegal goods runs invisibly through the Linens Guild. They run a private trade line for small shipments of suede, stolen goods, and dwarven trinkets are brought in and out for interested parties and collectors. Few pockets of poverty that are largely swept into the shadows of the walls serve as haven for pickpockets and swindlers that avoid the gaze of the Verdant Guard.

Geography and Climate

The perpetual shade of the thick, green canopy of the forest maintains cooler weather throughout the summer months. The island can move to warmer climates during colder months so overall weather remains the same year-round.