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Also Known as: "Binder of Creation", "The Granite Fist".

Highlord of the Dwarves, Teshezim is worshipped as the father of the dwarven people. In the Dwarven mythos, Dwarves were created from living stone. Originally created as keepers of the world, they were to help shape it and protect from the negative influence of the umbral. Teshezim is connected to nature, his closest followers are the dwarven druids who practice the art of stone shaping. Temples dedicated to Teshezim have large flourishing gardens, decorated with ornate stone shapings. Teshezim has been known to appear in times of deep corruption, when the Umbra has permeated the natural flow in parts of the world.

Domains: Forge, Knowledge, Nature, War
Known Religions: The Raveled Fellowship

Known Worshippers

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