The Horned Bank

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Carved from an entire single island, The Horned Banks vault and money lending facility is the most secure in the world. Only Tieflings are permitted in their employee, and their funding efforts have raised up and brought down empires. A hub of the world economy, The Horned Bank is the exemplar of Tiefling acumen.

Building Details

  • Exterior – The exterior of the island is massive granite cliffs that seem impossibly wide and plunged directly into the ocean below. Here and there are stone walkways that thrust straight out from the cliff face floating far above the waters below. At their origin, there is no door or opening of any kind. It is assumed that the these are docks that are moved down to the sea level through magical means for private transactions.
  • Dock - There is only one public port at the Horned Bank. Hundreds of stone docks in cubic patterns jut out into the ocean and terminate onto the shore in a wide flat field of stone. Here, Tiefling dockhands of all types assist in guiding and tying off boats with all manner of labor and magics. There are imposing guards as well, dressed in the very distinctive armor of the Horned Bank, keeping watch. Despite the jobs at hand, they each were smiling, chatty and quite helpful. Further back from the cliff face, is an imposing brutalist building carved out from the stone with what looked like as a trio of beholders floating between the battlements.
  • Main entrance - There is a queue to the main entrance, which is the only entrance. It is a dramatically wide opening with a massive stone lintel and huge stone doors.
    • Guard and Ledger - There is an imposing Tiefling guard at the entrance that greets visitors warmly and asks your business. You must sign the ledger to enter. (Note: The ledger is magical. You must write the truth, or else.)
  • Interior - There is a bustling foyer, then a massive plaza with a massive fountain under an impressively huge chandelier. Voices and footsteps echo creating an uproarious and confusing din. Transactions of all sorts occurred at kiosks, counters and small offices adjoining the plaza.

Bank Functions

  • Accounts
    • Yarey Miknus (♀ Tiefling - Senior Accounts Clerk) deals with account holders with high status. Will encourage account holders of Diamond Plus status or higher to start an investment portfolio.
  • Holdings - Off the plaza there is an archway with “Holdings” written above it in a handful of languages. There are multiple counters set at standard heights to meet their unique clientele. Behind a low counter with the floor lowered so that smaller humanoids are at eye level with the clerk.
    • Safe Deposit Boxes - The names for each safe deposit box are in a ledger (written in infernal) which require the owner to confirm the stellar coordinates of a selected star on the day of deposit. (note: The observer’s location was, of course, from the Horned Bank so, it was as easy as giving the elevation and azimuth of the star, observed at the date in question)
    • Lower Holdings – deep safe deposit box storage. They use stone shape to open the door to a long hallway connecting a series of rooms ending in a dark stairwell. Lighting for the Lower Holdings is achieved with a large stone orb levitated a from a sconce on the wall and enchanted to make it glow brightly, then the stone follows, lighting the way. Below is a labyrinth of corridors and anterooms with labeled arches over missing doorways. Behind the arches (after the door is created with stone shape), are circular rooms with unending number of small metallic doors with metal plates that indicated their places in some ordinal system reference. The tiny door is opened upon a command word reveling a high walled metal tray inside. The door cheerfully closes and latches itself upon command.
      • Lerissa, (♀ Tiefling - Master holding clerk) is warm and friendly with a gob of dark red hair that surrounded a pair of thin horns jutting from the top of her head that curved forward slightly. The entire orbs of her eyes were of a shining bright gold, which was offset beautifully by her onyx black skin.
      • Mordai (♀ Tiefling Junior holding clerk) rather quiet assistant dressed in long robes, reddish brown skin, dark brown pupils, jet black hair, with massive horns protruding from the sides of his head.
  • Account Investigations
    • Sharos Ill’pine (♀ Tiefling - Senior Account Investigator) with Light reddish brown skin, steel grey eyes (no pupils), light green hair parted down the middle with curled black horns off the sides of his head. Wearing formal accountant’s robes. His job is to look into discrepancies and mitigate challenges to account ownership. Communicates to clients using Animal Messenger with his preferred animal: White-Throated Needletail (looks like a grey bottle with wings longer than its body):
  • Trade Bar conversion
    • Trade bars are a form of hard currency made of various precious metals that are accepted as currency throughout all of The World Ship where the Horned Bank has branches. They are marked with the seal of the Horned Bank. Merchants, and anyone else who was trading in large quantities typically preferred to use trade bars for their wide acceptance and ease-of-use.

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