The Place

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City – Population 22,083

Founded by a former Alazarin merchant known as, The Tradesman.


The Tradesman is the nominal ruler of The Place. While not terribly capricious, he is known for swift, unflinching judgements and a fragile ego.

The Six Scripts manage the daily goings on within The Place as well as business contracts and negotiations.



The Tradesman founded The Place as a refuge from the strict Alizarin societal structures he knew. This distaste for norms of all kinds.


Crime is both rampant and non-existent. Those who make it to The Place's docks are assumed to have some sense about them and are thus typically left alone. Revealing the slightest vulnerability will likely lead to some less savory encounters.

Geography and Climate

The slapdash hovels of the original barge town make for an uneven topography and precious little fertile ground. The only shade found here comes in the form of awnings and alleyways. Though typically in the northern stretches, The Place's transience lends to an ever shifting climate differing in only the merest sense from life lived adrift.