The World Ship Deities

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Living among the 100 Planets and the 100 Currents are beings of great power that have shaped and defined the The Great Ship and fought for its existence when the Ship was young. These beings are worshiped across many cultures and islands, and each has domain over various aspects of life.

There are countless Gods scattered across the 1000 Stones, some more powerful and widely acknowledged than others. Below are a few Gods that see wide worship across The Great Ship.

List of World Ship Deities

Deity Also Known as... Domains Known Religions
Volcanis The Molten Soul, The Unifier, The Unquenched Lord Forge, Grave, Tempest, War Congregation of the Reforged
Queen Mab Keeper of Dreams, The Halcyon Lady Knowledge, Nature, Trickery Communion of Stillness
Nus'tael Light Sender, Bringer of Dawn, The Guiding Beacon Life, Light, Tempest The Illuminated
Bolnheim The Lucky Wind, Storm Warden, He who Shelters Grave, Life, Nature, Tempest Chosen of the Deep
Servants of the Unbroken
Urthu/Uhtru Father of the Deep, The Twinned Death, Knowledge, Trickery Chosen of the Deep
Order of the Mask
Danayu Purity’s Light, Our Lady of Stars, The Fecund Grave, Life, Light, Nature The Illuminated
Forellin Heart of the Forest, Lord of the Elves, Tree Spirit Knowledge, Life, Nature Ancestral Wardens
The Shadow Queen Sister Death, The Back Face of the Coin Death, Grave, Light Communion of Stillness
Order of the Mask
Nisthrul The Hiding God, The Masked One, The Veiled Jester Death, Trickery, War Order of the Mask
Lionosus Beach Keeper, Welcomer, Revel Maker, The Laughing Lord Forge, Life, Tempest, Trickery, War Servants of the Unbroken
Teshezim Binder of Creation, The Granite Fist Forge, Knowledge, Nature, War The Raveled Fellowship
Etu-Nathalas, Fallen God of Time Voice of Prophecy Knowledge, History, Fortune, Prophecy Occulus of Time
Illion The One Who Mends, The Balance, She who Shelters Light, Grave, Life, Nature, Tempest, Death Church of the Ascendant