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Tim the Enchanter

Tim is the DM for Clerical Error, and is what one might call a "challenging" DM. He enjoys ice-cream and brags about PC deaths. He had to be convinced to join in his player's team break out, as he didn't feel he was on the same side as them and therefore wasn't supposed to participate.


  • "You can certainly try." -Tim, upon hearing 1/2 the garbage ideas Clerical Error comes up with.
  • "You guys set off the equivalent of an atomic bomb" -Tim, after expressing concern to the head DM asking if we had just ended the entire campaign. On Halloween night. While everyone was in costume dressed as their beloved characters.

Memorable NPCs

  • Shade: Lich boy spooky roomba snowman builder
  • Maximillian Valentine: The best, ever.
  • Hijemma: Totally pronounced hi - jemma

Miscellaneous Information

  • The highest DC set and beat: 35
  • Spookiest Monsters: Danger Noodle followed closely by Blue Lightning Chupacabra