Vrondiss Frostwind

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Character Overview

  • Name: Vrondiss Frostwind
  • Appearance: Silver Dragonborn


Born to the leader of the Frostwind clan, Vrondiss was raised learning the most important secrets of the Dragonborn so he could continue their mission to keep the Titans from returning to this world. Although his magical ability never manifested from his draconic ancestry, as was typical of the Frostwind clan, he showed considerable aptitude by applying his intellect to the titan problem. However, he did not believe present methodologies of simply keeping the titans dormant was an acceptable answer. Vrondiss devised a radical experiment to harness the primordial energy held within the Titans’ bones to find a more permanent solution. Unfortunately, this experiment backfired, nearly killing Vrondiss. At this moment, a being of shadow appeared to Vrondiss offering him power. He accepted and was brought back to life, his magical abilities finally manifested, but his silver scales faded to a white-gray, a mark of his having entered death or some other darker place. Vrondiss was in too much of a delirium to remember what took place, but he worries a bargain was made that could bring doom to him and those around him. Or maybe none of that happened and it really was his draconic ancestry finally manifesting.
Vrondiss’ obvious connection to shadow sorcery created tension within the clan. He remained welcome as a Dragonborn and his place as the son the clan’s leader, but there was a deep mistrust. Sensitive to this and worried about the consequences of his new powers, Vrondiss took off to search for more answers to permanently put an end to the Titans. Perhaps if he can accomplish this task, he can win back the respect of his people.