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Warlocks are the strange people that turn up randomly in unexpected places. Weird things occur where warlocks wander, and though one or two may be a cause for curiosity, most people become inexplicably nervous when three or more start gathering in one location. Of all classes they tend to be among the most active travelers and can be found anywhere around the Ten-Thousand Isles. Because of this and because their power comes from secret deals they make with mysterious, godlike entities, many people regard warlocks with either great fascination or high anxiety - rarely apathy or disinterest.

The Gathering

At some point, warlocks have been or will be summoned by their patrons to a strange land with shores of grey sand and a nebulous sky. Many warlocks speculate to the purpose of this, but none seem to know for certain what has or will occur.

Long ago the stars aligned and warlocks were summoned by their Patrons to a strange land. This was the Gathering. There the warlocks were possessed as avatars by their Patrons and a contest ensued for a great prize. Of the few warlocks who returned none could agree on what the prize was, who won, or what actually transpired, and despite their best efforts the strange land couldn't be found again.


Below is a list of suspected Patrons whispered about by seekers of occult lore and those gifted or ill-fated enough to know. Though names and identities are fluid, few can agree on their existence much less purpose as myth blurs the line with rumor. Regardless, many powerful entities roam the various planes ready to bargain a seed of their mysteries to the ambitious, curious, and unwary.

ArchFey Patrons

Mere legends to most of the Nine Bloods, the ArchFey are powerful beings who first negotiated the 100 Oaths. Their motives are inscrutable to mortals, as they are contending with powers far beyond what most people can comprehend. Their children, however, have interests in the mortal world and often chafe under the Oath’s prohibitions. Occasionally, they find willing mortals to carry out their bidding in exchange for power.

Nathair Sgiathach, Faerie Dragon Prince of Mischief

Damh, Fey Prince of Dance and Song

The Madgh, The Three

Fiendish Patrons

The inevitable has been foretold in the Prophecy of Annihilations. Thirteen queens will ride on great beasts with seven heads and seven crowns each. When the Celestial Mountain is breached, then shall the Infernis rise even as the Children of Light fall.

Thorcrin. Lord of Shadows. Master of the Night.

Faerednel. Depth Marcher. Lady of Chains.

Forgnar. Hellfire. Lord of Consumption.

Great Old Ones

The Great Ship is not alone in its journey. Other beings, alien and incomprehensible to minds born of the Nine Bloods, the Stars, and the Currents, sometimes make contact with this realm. Their names are as much concept as language, and few beyond the mad can hear more than fragments without risking insanity. Their desires and goals are ineffable. For example:

Yod'ectox, Formed of Nothing

Ta'rehht the Unversible

Mantorok, the Corpse Lord

Celestial Patrons

The 100 Planets and the 1000 Stars are home to Astral Beings of formidable power, some of which may take on a pact with someone of the Nine Bloods. Some that are known:

Nur’ra, The North Star, the guiding Angel showing mortals the way home.

Faelenna. Beast of the Morning. The Last Known Unicorn.

Artura, the Quest Knight Queen

Hexblade Patrons

Some warlocks hear from the shadowed realms promises of power on the Umbral Winds. None know where these patrons come from, but some names are known:

Mordenheim, Land of the Risen

Blackrazor, the Betrayer

Zantras, the Kingmaker