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The Seven Winds call to you, and you reply. From a young age, you have seen the myriad spirits that tend the winds and can sense their effects on the world. Each Wind Speaker describes the spirits’ presence differently - some tell of a faint scent that presages each gust; others visualize a minute figure that rides the breeze. Whatever the manifestation, your connection to these titanic forces has visibly marked you. Wind Speakers are afforded privileged positions for their abilities to read the winds, though many see the gift as a form of madness. Wind Speakers are rare, and many go years without formal tutelage in their gift. There are rumors of more experienced Wind Speakers who display greater control over the winds, but few have met these legends if they even truly exist.

Game Statistics

Skill Proficiencies

  • All: Perception
  • Choose (1): Nature or Survival


  • Choose (1): Primordial, Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal

Tool Proficiencies:Navigator’s Tools

Equipment:Gifts from the wind spirits (roll twice on the trinket table in the PHB, p. 159), a set of traveler’s clothes, navigator’s tools, and a pouch with 10gp.

Specialization(optional): Directional Affinity

While most Wind Speakers are equally attuned to the Seven Winds, some display a greater affinity for one direction over the others. This tends to shape their Wind Speaker markings. Use the table below to select or randomly generate a directional affinity.

d8-Directional Affinity

  1. North Wind - Stony eyes; birthmarks like faceted gemstones; grey/jewel tones.
  2. West Wind - Flashing glints in the eyes; birthmarks like lightning bolts;golds/yellows.
  3. South Wind - Red flecked eyes; birthmarks like leaping flames; reds/oranges.
  4. East Wind - Blue flecked eyes; birthmarks like crashing waves; greens/blues.
  5. Astral Wind - Stars in the pupil of the eyes; constellation birthmarks; most markings have a faint, radiant glow.
  6. Umbral Wind - Shadows crossing through the eyes; dark, diffuse birthmarks; most markings have faint, rippling shadows.
  7. Fey Wind - Eyes of changing colors, migratory birthmarks with changing shapes; iridescent markings.
  8. Choose Two of the above, or roll twice ignoring further 8’s

Feature: Reading the Wind

Your ability to interact with the spirits of the winds makes you an invaluable asset to any long distance voyage. The spirits warn you of nearby storms and guide you to favorable winds. This guidance tends to decrease travel times to a minimum for any vessel with a Wind Speaker aboard. Your Dungeon Master will determine how long it takes to get where you need to go. If the spirits recognize a threat nearby on the seas, they may alert the Wind Speaker, but their alien nature means that what they and the Wind Speaker consider danger may not match. Given this benefit to travel, you can secure free passage on a sailing ship for yourself and your traveling companions if you agree to aid the ship.

Suggested Characteristics:

d8-Personality Traits

  1. The winds drive my wonderlust, and they have led me away from home.
  2. Spirits have been my friends for so long, that I have trouble making new ones.
  3. My uncanny appearance has made me self conscious about my looks.
  4. I have a lesson for every situation, drawn from observing nature.
  5. I feel tremendous empathy for all who suffer, as we are all connected.
  6. I often get lost in conversations with spirits, becoming oblivious to my surroundings.
  7. I enjoy sailing into new ports and hearing new stories over a flagon of ale.
  8. I am calm under pressure, as even the worst storm passes.


  1. Change. Winds blow, things change. We must ride the tumultuous winds of life, and change with them to survive the storm. (Chaotic)
  2. Hierarchy. Everything has its proper place, and we must strive to find ours. (Lawful)
  3. Hedonism. Only by experiencing the variety of the world can one find fulfillment.(Chaotic)
  4. Prestige. I am marked for greatness, and all will recognize my preeminence. (Evil)
  5. Friendship. Every spirit and person I meet is a potential lifelong friend. (Good)
  6. Balance. The winds buffet prince and pauper alike. None are more or less important than another. (Neutral)


  1. As I know the world, I will protect the world. The spirits guide me in defending all.
  2. Words have weight, especially the word “friend”. I am loyal to all that have earned that word from me.
  3. The spirits tell me secrets, and I will die to protect them.
  4. I ignored the words of the spirits, and it lead to the death of a loved one. I will not allow that to happen again.
  5. I was seen as mad and abandoned early in life. I will show the world the spirits are real.
  6. I will make those who mocked me respect my power.


  1. I have slighted a spirit, and have earned the animosity of their parent wind.
  2. I pity those that cannot speak to the winds, and sometimes this shows in my interactions.
  3. I am prone to bouts of brooding as I contemplate the insignificance of life when compared to the might of the Winds.
  4. My moods change like the winds, and make lasting relationships a challenge.
  5. I often have trouble differentiating reality from the spirit world.
  6. The unceasing whispers of the winds are driving me mad.