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Known to All

If there is anything known about Wizards, it is that they are the researchers and practitioners of the 100 Oaths, the edicts by the Fey to bring order to the Universe. Wizards dedicate their lives in study of one of the schools of magic, gaining knowledge and understanding of the rules and bylaws of the 100 Oaths. They can be invaluable on ships: providing insights into the natural world and the ability to bend the 100 Oaths to their will.

Known to Wizards

Game Mechanic Info: Bonus Language - Sylvan. Since the 100 Oaths come from the Fey, Wizards learn to speak and read/write the Fey language.

Wizards view other casters as lower than themselves, as they have no understanding for what makes the world work. They are the pinnacle of magic wielders. The most accomplished of them in written history, the mage Il’an, sailed a ship away from the water and into the stars in search of knowledge. Wizards live and die by their comprehension of the 100 Oaths; everything else is secondary. They often sell their services as diviners, navigators, or service in military fleets. Wizards carry books on them at all time, not only their Spellbook. They have a list of acquired Oaths, since no wizard starts with a full compilation of all 100, as well as the Oath they are currently studying and accompanying notes (Wizards also have created sticky-notes, highlighters, and paperclips for research purposes).

Since study is the only way to grow in power, Wizards will meet to trade and compare notes over Oaths, usually at colleges. Each school of magic has their own unique take and focus that, when put together, helps to more fully comprehend the 100 Oaths. Colleges are named after a combination of Wind + Wave + Primordial names, and can be found all over the map: on islands, ships, reefs, even below the waves.