Zamir Ramon Arendyl de la Fuente

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Character Overview

  • Name: Zamir Ramon Arendyl de la Fuente
  • Appearance: 50 year old Male, piercing eyes of shifting hue, handsome symmetrical features, lithe muscular build


Story to Date

Zamir was born in the human community of Vinovium on Scarlet Skerry, in the Alizarin Imperium. Following the death of his father, Tomas Adnaan de la Fuente, aboard an Alizarin Navy vessel, is mother turned away from the family and was consumed by her worship in the Congregation of the Reforged. Her fervent devotion as she worked toward ordainment earned her a posting in the Praefator Divinus' own church, and she left Vinovium. The last news the family had of Elislanna Morwenna Yllatris Mattox de la Fuente was that she was that the ship she traveled on with several high clergy members was lost at sea. With the death of both his parents, Zamir, his older sister Constanza, and younger brother Fernando, were raised by their grandmother, Almithara Yllatris Mattox. On Fernando's 18th birthday, Almithara's elven wanderlust overcame her familial devotion and she announced her returned to her elven treehome. Though she left a sizable inheritance to the three siblings, they were now the only members of the community with elven blood, and in the face of their wealth and envious longevity compared to the other human inhabitants, faced substantial jealousy driven ostracization. Zamir, tired of the ridicule and barbs directed at half-elves by the human populace of Vinovium, signed up for duty aboard a merchant vessel against his sister Constanza's wishes, as she had lost two family members to the ocean. Fernando remained in the reluctant care of his sister.

The merchant crew proved less than reputable, but Zamir took to their occasional privateering with skill. He learned to move about the ship with grace and speed, to fight with distraction and misdirection as much as brute strength, and to know the worth of goods and men alike. He returned three years later to Vinovium, ready to try his hand at his own merchant company. He arrived to disaster.

While Zamir was gone, his sister, Constanza, had become enamored with one of Fernando's friends, a man known as Atrus Salvius Ventor. While Atrus was a good man, his father the local Imperial Governor, Flavius Numismatus Ventor. Flavius had frequently argued with their grandmother, Almithara, and despised elves for their aloofness and inherited magic. Constanza now lived in the governor's estate, as much as she deeply loved Atrus, she was a virtual prisoner to Flavius' cruelty. With Zamir's return, the situation worsened. Unable to bear his sister's plight, Zamir stormed into the Governor's mansion and rashly attacked Flavius. The fight was swift and decisive; Zamir struck a telling blow. Flavius lay dead, his son Atrus standing over him, enraged. Atrus called for his guard, and was about to order Zamir's execution when Constanza intervened. She begged for Zamir's life, and instead sought banishment. Constanza invoked the dread elven word: "alanost", or "not family". She declared Zamir dead to the family, and refused to see him. Stunned, despairing, but understanding this correctly as an act of love, Zamir departed the island and the Imperium.

In due time, his travels brought him to the court of the Court of Brambles in the Feywild. There, he earned status as Feymarked, and served as an emissary of the Court until he ran afoul of a Hag Coven during a diplomatic mission for the Marquessa Solimar Gloria. He was their “guest” in the Feywild for 6 years, but was finally freed by Xuradra. Zamir is certain that someone in the Court of Brambles betrayed him, and is reluctant to return without allies and more information.

Other Misc.

  • Is your character married? No, but he has known love, and lost it in a falling out.
  • Does your character have any heroes or inspirational figures? Zamir idolizes his father’s bravery, and seeks to become a storied hero.
  • Does your character have any significant personal items? Zamir treasures the bronze torc he received from the Marquessa of Brambles.
  • Does your character have any enemies? Yes (rival courtier/duelist) - identity unknown
  • What are your character’s goals in life? To become a renowned hero, to live up to the memory of his father, to heal the rift in his family.

Quotes, Phrases and Factoids

  • "I'm going to need a good tailor." - a broken and bleeding Zamir after his first fight in the mortal realm
  • "Have at thee, foul miscreant!"
  • "That reminds of the time ..." - repeated refrain of his time in the Feywild
  • "Not the vest!"

OOC Information