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Character Overview

"That which does not kill us, makes us shorter-- STRONGER, I meant stronger!"

Name: Zorin Enoch
Original Race: Alizarin Human
Reincarnated: Stout Halfling (Died and reincarnated 5/14/18)
Classes: Cleric/Fighter/Rogue
Deity: Volcanis
Cleric Domain: War
Religion: Congregation of the Reforged
Fighter Style: Archer
Fighter Archetype: Battlemaster
Background: Operative of the Shadow
Party: Clerical Error
Boon Companion: Maya Faetris

Character Description

Zorin Enoch is roughly 3 feet tall (now), 35lbs, sandy brown hair, dark eyes, and rather young for a halfling. He carries himself slightly different than other halfling folk however given his Human background. He doesn't speak Halfling, nor does he have a clear understanding of their culture, so other Halflings may be put off by his nature and disposition if they didn't know his background. Originally born an Alizarin Human, he carries several crossbows, and a rapier at his side awkwardly placed as if more an ornament than a weapon. He wears chainmail armor, and always carries a shield with his family's crest on the front for protection - but will generally drop it to fire his hand crossbow or light crossbow. He will rarely use his shield and rapier to fight, as he tends to avoid melee combat. Now that he is smaller, this is doubly true.


Originally an Alizarin Human from the Alizarin Imperium which spans many anchored islands. Zorin’s father, Manjaro, was an Legionnaire of the Alizarin Imperium and as a Excursor (Scout) understood war, combat, scouting and light skirmish tactics. He spent most of his time with his Legion, so Zorin’s contact with him was sparse at best. When he was old enough, his father taught him the intricacies of using a crossbow in all its variations, and spoke a great deal of the Legion and his duty to the Empire. Later in life the crossbow became Zorin’s own weapon of choice.

Zorin mostly grew up fatherless however, and his mother was one of many women his father knew - and he was one of many men that she grew to know… so as a result, he was left mostly on his own to learn and grow. He was not highly educated, and ended up growing up on the streets and anchored bridges of his island home as a result.

He found ways to help make ends meet that were sometimes not always.. legal, according to the Alizarin Imperium. The streets afforded him an understanding for the value of a certain amount of moral flexibility and while he was good-hearted, he certainly didn’t care as much for the rule of law, or the dangers involved with certain jobs. While he worked to adhere to cement the appearance of a law abiding citizen of the Imperium, as was customary and expected, he continued to to take jobs which others might turn down because of the dangers involved or the trouble it may bring. He enjoyed the thrill and excitement and danger that came with these jobs. The more perilous, the more exciting.

He eventually fell into steady work for the Black Croc Ale Company on the docks working security however as the coin was good and more consistent, but then soon after, enlisted into the Legion as part of his year requirement as an Alizarin citizen. He felt at home in the legion, even if it initially didn’t fulfill his personal desires for adventure.

Because of his real world experience, he found himself joined with the crew of the Imperium warship “Indefatigable” as part of a military escort. With his crossbowman experience, his primary responsibility was to assist in protecting the shipments of product for long distance voyages to other islands.. But he found this sort of work boring and unrewarding. He distinguished himself in numerous occasions during fighting with various Pirates, and it was the fighting where he excelled. While he didn’t prefer using a rapier, he was good with one -- the use of a crossbow however is where he excelled. He also found that he had a particular interest in working in the shadows… and eventually found a niche in volunteering for dangerous missions, or missions of a clandestine nature. He soon distinguished himself for his espionage and information gathering skills during port stops for the Legion as well. During these ocean voyages and ports of call, he eventually met and befriended a fellow Alizarin woman by the name of “Kali” who turned out to be an ‘Operative of the Shadow’, and introduced him to their network among other things. The danger and excitement of this clandestine group definitely hooked him, and so he began working as an Operative for the Shadow network while still enlisted. During his enlistment, his jobs were carefully selected to coincide with the aims and politics of the Imperium - this was a choice of his handler, Kali, and was a way to more carefully groom him into the shadow network. The network understands his close ties and loyalty with the Imperium -- and will use that in order to further the network’s influence and goals within the Imperium.

Eventually he mustered out after satisfying the time requirement necessary to maintain his Alizarin citizenship and with Kali as his contact, he began to assist the network full time in whatever jobs might need done -- but mostly found himself working jobs for the Black Croc Ale Company, and/or the Imperium, both of which were expanding across the Islands and required a great deal of intelligence and information gathering on competitors, enemies of the Imperium, and the like.. he also found himself being utilized for Legionnaire specific work as well - mostly as a “outsourced consultant” and because of his military experience and understanding of Legionnaire culture it was easy for him to liaison between Legionnaires and the Black Network to ensure the aims of all parties were mutually met and achieved.

During one of his jobs for the Shadow Network, they had him infiltrate a remote Temple to Nisthrul to acquire information on a lost artifact which the Shadow network was interested in finding and locating. While at the temple, he heard whispers and a voice speaking to him. He ignored them and continued on his mission, but the voice never left -- and he found in the darkest nights that the voice had become an annoyance -- the voice spoke to him and offered an exchange of unholy power for servitude, worship and devotion. This caused him to visit another Temple to Volcanis to consult with priests -- It is there he met Maya, who he befriended and she brought him before the priests of Volcanis where-by a ritual was performed on his behalf to rid him of these unholy voices. As such, his soul become bonded with Volcanis and the deity took notice, and offered up his power to become His vessel to light the forges of the world with his Righteousness.

Zorin was drawn to Volcanis, and it felt like taking a piece of the Alizarin Imperium with him on his journey. Volcanis represented the best of what he was, and what he wanted to become through hard work and dedication. He vowed to serve Volcanis with Maya on his journeys through the World Ship as a result.

Zorin remains loyal to the Imperium but understands the flawed nature of its existence. He understand the harsh rules of the Empire are like trees which can be navigated around-- but should not be burned or cut down. He is a loyal servant to Volcanis who he recognizes as having noticed him and graced him with the powers of a Deity. He accepts jobs from the Shadow Network with vigor because of the excitement and danger involved and finds he has a particular skill set that can be utilized to further their aims. He has no issues with this, provided the network’s aims do not conflict with the Imperium. He is not ignorant of the more nefarious nature of the Shadow Network, and he’s certainly OK with furthering their aims provided it doesn’t conflict with Volcanis or the Emperor. For now, the network seems to be using this to their advantage and both understand the mutuality and duality of this relationship.


During a particularly brutal battle with several Displacer Perytons, Zorin was eviscerated by the talons and antlers which served to immediately kill him on the spot. His party, with very little time to act managed to transport his body to a high Druid who used the Reincarnation spell to bring him back to life. When he returned, however, he found that his race had changed to that of a Stout Halfling.

Quotes, Phrases, Zorinisms

  • "Do you think you can find a stout piece of timber about so long and so wide? Good, then latch it to your spine; It's in need of stiffening."
  • "Like my centurion used to say: 'Bravery is half the victory, and numbers cannot withstand skill'”
  • “Fear not death, for the hour of your doom is set in the stars and none may escape it. Live a good life, die a good death. Hail Volcanis.”
  • "Strength through adversity.. The strongest steel is forged by the fires of hell. Volcanis shall provide the Hell, WE shall provide the steel!”
  • “I don't mind a good fight, but a wise man once said 'never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception'.
  • Fight smaller, not harder my friend. SMARTER! I meant SMARTER.'”
  • "Hail Volcanis and pass the ammunition!"



OOC Information

Player: Christopher Adkins
Dungeon Master: Tim Corcoran
Location: Austin TX